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Types Of Bedding: Bed Sheets, Duvets, Pillows, & More

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Signature TENCEL™ Classic Bed Sheets Set
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Classic Set Bed Sheets in Sky Blue

Nothing beats the sight of a freshly made bed and melting into your bed sheets after a long, hard day. As such, the best ones are those that look and feel comforting.

But with so many names, materials, and combinations, which bedding sheets should you buy? Read on to learn more about the different types of bedding must-haves and their functions. 

Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Classic Set Bed Sheets in Tea Rose
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Classic Set in Tea Rose


Bedding Basics

Bedding refers to the various sheets and layers placed over your mattress. These range from mattress protectors and bed sheets that lie close to the mattress to those placed on the outermost layer for decorative purposes.


Different Types Of Bedding

The parts may differ depending on where you live, but these would generally comprise the basics of a sleep-ready bed: bed sheets, duvets, and pillowcases

Bed Sheets

Woman and her dog sleeping on Weavve's Signature TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet Set
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Fitted Bed Sheet Set in Cloud White

Deemed as the most basic bed material, a bed sheet is essential for a mattress to be remotely habitable. While none of it sees the outside world as it is covered by other decorative layers, a large part of our sleep experience is influenced by the feel of the sheet against our skin when we fall into a deep slumber. 

Moreover, when we lie down after a long day, we bring dirt and oils with us to sleep. The sheet helps protect the mattress from these germs and easily promotes good hygiene. This saves us from thousands of mattress deep cleaning sessions just to be rid of dust mites and other particles. To clean, simply throw the sheets in the wash.

Signature TENCEL™ Flat Sheet in Sky Blue
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Flat Bed Sheet Set in Sky Blue

Flat Vs. Fitted Bed Sheets

Both flat bed sheets and fitted bed sheets wrap around the mattress but in different ways. Flat bed sheets are rectangular fabrics that are placed over the mattress, and with the excess material folded underneath. The foldable corners make the material flexible to the range of beds the fabric can accommodate. This can also function as a top sheet if necessary or if a set provides both flat and fitted sheets.

Fitted bed sheets, on the other hand, have a more specific function. They come with stretchable elastic corners to fit snugly against the mattress with less effort, perfect for those using standard beds with no intention to change up anytime soon.


Weavve's TENCEL Lyocell Duvet
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Lyocell Duvet

Bedspreads are fabrics that give protection from the elements during sleep. With the right type, these also provide warmth depending on the climate of the country and the temperature of the room.

Bedding in Singapore is usually on the thinner side, so warmth is less of an issue. But for more temperate countries, the coziness provided by bedspreads is a key driver for purchase. 

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Featuring Weavve’s Weighted Blanket

Blankets Vs. Comforters Vs. Duvets

Of the three common bedspreads, the blanket is the thinnest and can be used on its own or alongside a quilt. The weighted blanket is also rising in popularity - a quilt and blanket combination with some added pressure to promote deep sleep.

On the other hand, comforters are puffy bed covers stuffed with feathers or down to provide warmth. Duvets function similarly to comforters, but also have key differences such as the use of machine-washable duvet covers - blankets with a zipper opening to stuff duvets inside. Both of these bedspreads are more commonly found in cooler countries such as Europe and North America.

Pillow Cases And Bolster

Cotton Pillow Case Pair in Sandshell
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Pillow Case in Sandshell

If your body is enveloped by the bed sheet and the bedspread, the pillow is a special place to rest your head. Similar to bed sheets, pillowcases protect your pillows from the oils and dirt from your hair and face and make regular cleaning easy.

Pillow cases come in different shapes and sizes - from the usual rectangular-shaped pillow to the body-length pillow bolster.


Top Materials For Bedding And Bed Sheets Explained

Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Deluxe Set Bed Sheets in Midnight Blue
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Deluxe Set in Midnight Blue

It only makes sense for us to invest in high-quality bed sheets since we’re very close to these sheets each night. Top materials for good quality bed sheets in Singapore include:


Cotton Deluxe Set in Persian Grey
Featuring Weavve's Cotton Deluxe Set in Persian Grey

Cotton is a natural fiber that is commonly used in bed sheets and pillowcases. Its breathability makes it an easy choice for flexibility across warm and cool climates. Cotton sheets are also a practical choice, but affordable variants tend to fray after a while. For quality options, choose organic cotton sheets or Egyptian cotton bed sheets for long threads and smooth fabrics.

When shopping for cotton bed sheets online, most people look for high thread count sheets as they are woven more tightly, resulting in a softer and smoother surface. More threads also make the fabric stronger, enabling it to withstand more spin cycles. 


Linen textile
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Linen is another natural fiber that is built to last. Its stiff fibers may create tough fabrics in the beginning, but it gets softer with use. Similar to cotton, linen bed sheets are hypoallergenic and breathable, enabling the sheets to adjust to the user’s needs. However, the only exception on thread count goes to linen - a higher thread count would interfere with the material’s breathability.


Wrinkled silk
Image by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

The height of luxury, mulberry silk bed sheets are one of the softest materials to grace your bed. These cooling bed sheets are also a perfect fit for Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

However, a set doesn’t come cheap - and if you’re conscious about what you buy, this controversial material isn’t friendly to Mother Nature, either. Silk, in general, negatively impacts the environment due to unethical production. Good thing you may opt for other sustainable alternatives.


Green leaf on beige textile
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Bamboo bed sheets are one of the newer-age fabrics made from natural fibers and environmentally-friendly processes. The material’s antifungal properties are an excellent additional shield against bacteria and allergies. It is hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture-wicking, machine washable, and yet affordable. It’s no wonder bamboo sheets are being used as bed sheets for sensitive skin.


Weavve’s TENCEL™ Fitted Bed Sheets in Midnight Blue
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Fitted Bed Sheets in Midnight Blue

Alongside bamboo sheets, TENCEL™ is a game-changer in sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics. Created entirely through natural processes, TENCEL™ fibers are long and fine, resulting in soft sheets which are smooth and cool to the touch while being wrinkle-resistant to maintain a well-made bed.

TENCEL™ bed sheets are also perfect for people with sensitive skin and absorb moisture to prevent hot sleepers from waking up feeling horrible due to night sweats or humid weather. 


How To Choose Your Bedding Items

You could just have a bed sheet, or it can include an ultra-comfortable weighted blanket and a bolster. Ultimately, the items that matter most depend entirely on what you deem important in your sleep. 

Weavve’s Cotton Deluxe Set Bed Sheets in Sandshell
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Deluxe Set in Sandshell 

Beyond aesthetics, they impact your quality of rest. Having a set of clean and enjoyable bed sheets promotes good hygiene, keeps your mattress in tip-top shape, and helps you get the sleep you need to take on the day ahead.


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Weavve’s TENCEL™ Lyocell Sheets

Weavve’s TENCEL™ Classic Set Bed Sheets in Mist Grey
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Deluxe Set in Mist Grey

Made from the finest 100% TENCEL™ branded Lyocell fibers, our TENCEL™ sheets are well known for their naturally silky smooth and cooling hand feel. They are eco-friendly and have excellent temperature regulating properties.

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Weavve’s Cotton Bed Sheets

Weavve’s Cotton Bed Sheets in Sandshell
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Classic Set in Sandshell

Starting with extra-long staple cotton fibers, our cotton threads are finer (100 yarn count), resulting in a high thread count. Weavve also uses single-ply threads, giving you luxuriously smoother, stronger, and lighter sheets that become even softer after every wash.

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