Responsibly Made

At Weavve, we care.
Every decision we make has an impact, not just on our customers but also our people and the environment. We’re committed to leaving good footprints, to stay true to our promise of better living.

Our Fabrics

Quality That Doesn’t Compromise

Our mission is to make good sleep attainable for more and that also means that our society gets to sleep with a peace of mind. We understand that every decision we make as a business has a ripple effect on our community, our partners and the environment.

We’re committed to responsible sourcing, production, selling and usage of our products.

More About Our Sheets
Our Certification

Not Compromising Our Customers

While there are textile businesses who opt to use harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde to prevent wrinkling and staining, we’ve chosen to ensure that our products are free from harmful substances, even if it makes the sheets more appealing.

Weavve’s sheets are certified free from harmful substances. Our factories carry the Standard 100 by Oeko Tex® that tests for traces of both regulated and non-regulated substances that might be harmful with yearly updates to the standards.

Read more about Oeko-Tex certifications
Our Packaging

Not Compromising The Environment

Actively ensuring that our products are environmentally friendly is not an easy task. From the way we select our packaging to carefully examining our supply chain, our aim is to always minimise our carbon footprint.

This even comes in the form of our packaging, avoiding plastic and making sure that our customers can always repurpose our boxes for their own usage at home.

Our Factories

Not Compromising Our People

Our people are the only reason the business can thrive. Our factories are SEDEX certified, one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organization, working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

We take the responsibility to use a sustainable supply chain seriously.

Find out more about SEDEX here


As a business, we will continue to make responsible choices that are good for the environment and for people, taking steps towards the creation of a more sustainable, less wasteful economy.