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Tuck yourself into a layer of a cosy, soft, flat sheet. Use it beneath a duvet or as a lightweight blanket on humid nights.

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“Buttery soft

It passed the "hand sweep over the sheets" test with flying colours.
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it's especially difficult to find flat sheets in Singapore for some reason, so nice to be able to buy those as an addon here.”
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Discover What Makes Our Flat Bed Sheets A Cut Above The Rest

The Ultimate Comfort Layer: An Introduction to Flat Sheets

While duvet covers and pillows often take the spotlight, it's time to shine a light on the often-overlooked heroes of bedding – flat sheets. Placed snugly between your fitted sheet and duvet or blanket, these versatile sheets play a pivotal role in enhancing your sleep experience. They not only provide an extra layer of comfort but also help regulate body temperature, ensuring a fresh and cosy night's sleep. Furthermore, their soft and smooth surface adds to the tactile pleasure of bedtime. 

At Weavve, we craft our flat sheets from the finest materials, promising the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Flat Bed Sheets Materials

Choosing the perfect material for your flat bed sheet is a pivotal step towards achieving a comfortable and rejuvenating night's sleep, as each material brings distinct qualities to the table. 

Cotton sheets are celebrated for their breathability and moisture-wicking prowess, making them an excellent choice for warmer climates. Meanwhile, linen sheets, with their natural texture, offer breathability and a touch of rustic charm. TENCEL™ sheets, in contrast, bring forth softness and eco-consciousness. Lastly, microfiber sheets stand out for their affordability and easy maintenance, though they may lack the breathability of natural fibres.

When selecting the material for your flat bed sheets, you should also consider your climate, personal preference for texture, and environmental values. If you are looking to buy flat sheets, at Weavve Home, we offer a range of flat bed sheets online made with high-quality material, ensuring you find the ideal match for your bedding needs.

Other Factors Affecting Flat Sheet Quality

When considering the quality of flat sheets, several crucial factors come into play. 

Thread count, a measure of the number of threads per square inch, contributes to a sheet's smoothness and durability, with a higher count often indicating better quality. 

Yarn count, measuring the thickness of individual threads, also impacts durability. 

Temperature regulation is essential for a comfortable night's sleep, with materials like cotton and linen excelling in keeping you cool during warm nights and flannel providing warmth in colder climates. 

For those with sensitive skin, opting for hypoallergenic materials like TENCEL™ is advisable to minimise irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Sheets

What is a flat sheet?

A flat sheet, also known as a top sheet, is aflat rectangular cloth piece that folds easily and lies flat on any surface. It is usually placed on top of the fitted sheet and over one’s body during sleep. It lays beneath the duvet or blanket. What is the purpose of a flat sheet on a bed, and how do you use a flat sheet? The flat sheet is used to protect the duvet cover from dirt and dust, thus reducing the frequency needed to wash the duvet cover. If there is no duvet used, the flat sheet can also make the bed appear neater and inviting, and double up as a lightweight blanket during the summer.

What is the difference between a flat sheet and a fitted sheet?

A flat sheet is a flat piece of cloth that is placed on top of the fitted sheet. It protects the duvet cover from getting dirty and can also be used as a blanket. 

A fitted sheet is placed directly above the mattress or mattress protector. It has elastic bands at its edges to allow a snug fit around the mattress. 

Flat sheets and fitted sheets come in a range of sizes based on the size of your bed.

How to tuck in a flat sheet?

HGTV shares a method on how to make hospital corners so the flat sheet or top sheet is snug and neat.

  1. Put on the fitted sheet. Lay the flat sheet centred across the bed.
  2. Fold down the top end of the flat sheet to the desired width.
  3. Tuck in the excess fabric at the foot of the bed beneath the mattress so that it is tight and smooth.
  4. Grab the lower edge of the sheet that’s overhanging one side of the bed. On the other hand, hold on to the corner of the flat sheet. Pull back at an angle to tighten the fabric around the corner edge of the bed.
  5. Keeping the sheet taut so that the fabric forms a "triangle."
  6. Let the top part flip back onto the bed, and let it rest there. The fabric wrapped around the corner of the mattress should remain taut. Tuck the bottom part of the triangle under the mattress first.
  7. Once in place, flip the top part of the triangle down and tuck it under the mattress as well for a crisp edge. Continue to tuck the loose edge up to the headboard.
  8. Repeat the process on the other side of your bed.

How to make a bed with a flat sheet and duvet?

Put your duvet into the duvet cover. Put on the fitted sheet over the mattress as per usual. Place the flat sheet over the fitted sheet, followed by the duvet.

Some hotels use a method called “Triple sheeting”, which is more cost-efficient and ensures greater hygiene. 2 flat sheets are needed, and the duvet is placed between 2 layers of flat sheet. If you are doing this at home, you can create a reversible look by mixing 2 flat sheet colours. Learn more about this duvet cover and flat sheet hack.

What is the difference between a top sheet and a flat sheet?

A top sheet is the same as a flat sheet. A top/ flat sheet is placed on top of the fitted sheet, as a protective layer for the bedding laid over it, such as the duvet, comforter or blanket.

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