Your Journey to Luxuriously Good Sleep Shouldn’t Be a Tall Order


Sleep Is the Basis of Our Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-being

We believe that a good night's sleep should be accessible to everyone, hence we took things in our own hands with that belief.

Our Values

Only the Best for Sleep

We pushed the envelope (quite hard) on what great sleep should be. From our sheets (the finest threads, workmanship and design), to the carefully cross-referenced resources we provide and the peripherals that makes a bedroom optimised for sleep.

Good is Never Good Enough

You’d want every cent to go a long way, and we’re constantly committing to make that happen. We’ve focused only on the necessary in every product, designed and tested them so they’re built to last, and made our packaging reusable and sustainable.

Simply the Right Choice

A journey to good sleep is already a frustrating experience, buying products during that journey should go swimmingly. We’ll help you every step of the way, avoiding jargon, cumbersome decisions and complicated experiences.

Our Approach

The Problem

We started off as consumers in search of great sleep and bought into high thread counts, “hotel quality” and luxury brands. We slept in them, but neither gave that “oh so satisfying” smile that was commonly advertised.

The Research

We discovered that it was all just advertising, so we ignored all that and looked into what truly makes a good bedsheet. The result? We were wow-ed by the detail that goes into a simple product, from the source of fibre and its properties, fineness of yarns down to how it’s all pieced together.

The Solution

In this journey of discovery, we developed bed sheets that really gave us that smile so frequently advertised, carefully crafting every detail with materials suitable for our climate. But we’re not stopping there, our search for great sleep has driven more products from our weighted blanket to our lyocell duvet, driven by our values from wanting better sleep.