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White TENCEL Bed Sheets Classic Set with Tencel Fitted Sheet, Tencel Pillow Case, Tencel Duvet Cover. Buy White Bed Sheets at Weavve Home, Best Bed Sheets Singapore and Luxury Hotel Sheets. 400 High Thread Count Bed Sheet.
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Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set
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1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Duvet Cover and 2 Pillow Cases

TENCEL™ Lyocell Duvet
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White TENCEL Bed Sheets Deluxe Set with Tencel Fitted Sheet, Tencel Pillow Case, Tencel Bolster Case, Tencel Duvet Cover. Buy White Bed Sheets at Weavve Home, Best Bed Sheets Singapore and Luxury Hotel Sheets. 400 High Thread Count Bed Sheet.
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Signature TENCEL™ Deluxe Set
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1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Duvet Cover, 4 Pillow Cases and 2 Bolster Cases

Silver Infused Towel Bundle
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Silver Infused Towel Bundle

1 Bath Towel, 1 Hand Towel and 1 Face Towel

Bamboo Fibre Towel Bundle

1 Bath Towel, 1 Hand Towel and 1 Face Towel

Why Weavve?

Engineered for Deep Sleep

Be it our cool and smooth TENCEL™ Lyocell sheets or weighted blanket, our products are all designed and tested for great sleep.

Only the Best Materials

We only use 100% of the finest, made to order, 80s yarn count TENCEL™ Lyocell threads or 100s yarn count extra long staple cotton for every bedsheet.

Proven Safe & Gentle

We use gentle materials that are less likely to cause allergic reactions, and our products are certified free from harmful chemicals

Loved by over 3000 Customers and More

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"Weavve has one of the best tencel bedsheet. I have been using tencel for a long time. Weavve beats them all. Super comfortable cooling and so smooth. Highly Recommend"

Ann L.
Shop Signature TENCEL™ Deluxe Set
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“Excellent duvet! It hits all the right spot with its silky smooth Lyocell surface and the thickness is perfect for Singapore's weather, thick enough to provide warmth in a cold day and cooling enough for a warm day."

Song K.
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  • Smooth
  • Cooling

"I have tried lyocell sheets from various brands and have concluded that Weavve is the best lyocell sheets in the market. Everyone promises their lyocell sheets to be smooth, cooling, and comfy but it is Weavve that delivers the most on all these categories."

Ian L.
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Jade Blossoms Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set
from $369.00

1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Duvet Cover and 2 Pillow Cases

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Easy Steps to Blissful Sleep

If you could quantify your life in numbers, did you know that you’d most likely spend 33 years in bed? However, we also spend 7 of these years tossing and turning in bed, trying to fall asleep! Hence, in order to make the most of our time, it is of the utmost importance that we ensure that our sleep environment is optimal for sleeping.

Step 1 - Bed Sheets

One of the easiest solutions yet often underestimated components to the perfect bed is bed sheets. Not only are bed sheets a quick and simple fix to elevating your sleep experience, they also serve aesthetic purposes to beautifying your bedroom. Not only are bed sheets a quick and simple fix to elevating your sleep experience, they also serve aesthetic purposes to beautifying your bedroom. Before picking out the best bed sheets for yourself, there are a few words in bedding vocabulary that you ought to know.First and foremost, thread count- the total number of threads woven vertically and horizontally into one square inch of fabric.It is generally understood that higher thread count makes softer and higher luxury bed sheets. However, it is not always the case and it should not be placed on a pedestal when looking for quality sheets. Next, ply - similar to braids for hair, threads are taken and spun together to make one thick yarn of fabric. It is important to note that manufacturers are aware of the influence these measurements have on consumers and some may manipulate them to suggest a higher quality bedding. For example, a 3-ply sheet of 300TC could be easily marketed as 900TC. After which, the yarn will be constructed to achieve a particular pattern, also known as weave. From percale, to sateen, to twill, each weave will result in their own unique feel and look. Last but certainly not least, the material of the bed sheet will play one of the most crucial roles in your sleeping experience.Whether you prefer TENCEL™ or Cotton, we believe that each material has their boons and banes for us to weigh and to each their own!A thread count of 150 may feel a little rough, whereas a bed sheet thread count of 200 will feel finer and perhaps softer. However, this does not mean that you should be rushing to purchase bedlinen with the highest thread count you can find. A good rule of thumb to follow would be to look for sheets ranging from 400TC to 600TC. When made with quality fibers, this is more than sufficient for a soft and luxurious finish. Read more about the truth behind thread count and why it is not the end-all-be-all to a great bed sheet.Team TENCEL™ Lyocell or Team Cotton - Can’t seem to make up your mind? Let us help you make your decision process easier by showing a brief comparison between the two materials.
TENCEL™ Lyocell
feels smooth, soft and silky from the first day of use while Cotton has a buttery soft handfeel and gets softer with every wash. TENCEL™ Lyocell is ultra cooling and has excellent temperature regulating properties as compared to Cotton; TENCEL™ Lyocell has a smoother, drapey silk-like aesthetic while Cotton has a crisp, matte finish. Between the two, not only is TENCEL™ Lyocell moreenvironmentally friendly, it is also hypoallergenic and sensitive-skin friendly. Choose TENCEL™ Lyocell if you are a hot sleeper looking for cooling bed sheets, have sensitive skin or prefer your sheets to have a naturally silky feel; and Cotton if you prefer buttery soft sheets and increased softness with every wash that is low maintenance.

Step 2 - Covers

An ideal cover should keep you warm but also cool through warm summer nights. This unique property is often known as thermoregulation, which is extremely important in a tropical climate like Singapore. Here at Weavve, we believe that less is more - your perfect cover should be easy to use and care while also maximising your comfort.

Struggling to add to cart? We’ve got you covered. Weavve offers a selection of three covers that we believe will help elevate your sleeping experience, and even general well-being. A crowd favourite would be our Weighted Blanket, it is exactly what it sounds like and feels like a big welcoming hug from your favourite aunt. It hosts a wide range of benefits, adding value to every user’s life. However, if a weighted blanket does not fit your bill for your ideal cover, you may consider our Lyocell Duvet. Not only is it lightweight and thermoregulating, it is also hypoallergenic, antibacterial and more! For a fancier choice, opt for our latest addition to our blanket collection, the Waffle Knit Blanket- perfect for cuddles and decoration. Weighted blankets are blankets with extra weight in them. They commonly consist of a few layers, the filling, inner lining and outer fabric. Micro glass beads are known to be a higher quality and luxurious filling. The weight is evenly distributed over the body, mimicking the feeling of being hugged, a sensation known as Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS). It stimulates pleasant, calming emotions often felt when hugged or cuddled. Weighted blankets were originally created for children with special needs, but because of their wide array of benefits, they can be used by people from all walks of life. The chief benefit however, remains the same - to increase comfort, improve mood and enhance sleep. Read our ultimate guide to weighted blankets and why you should try one. The first and most important trick to choosing the perfect Duvet for yourself is to get familiar with the vocabulary used. Similar to Thread Count for Bed Sheets, Duvets, too, have their own set of measurements that could easily confuse the average sleeper. For example, Tog vs Fill Weight. Tog refers to the degree of warmth and insulation you feel when you’re under your duvet, whereas Fill Weight is the weight of the fill inside a duvet per square metre. As a general rule of thumb when looking for a lightweight duvet that is suitable for warmer climes, go for a fill power of 400 or below, and a fill weight of 150 - 250gsm. The different fillings also play a role in the warmth of the duvet. To learn more about the duvets and why you should get one, read our ultimate duvet guide!

Step 3 - Pillow & Bolster

With all this talk about the importance of sleep, it should come as no surprise that the bedding that we lay out head on is crucial in affecting the quality of sleep we get. Not only can the right pillow do wonders for your sleep hygiene but also your overall well being. From reduced snoring to alleviating pains and improved blood circulation, sleeping with pillows can help your body get the rest it needs and deserves.

Torn between the Weavve pillows? Here are some key differences between them for you to make an informed decision and worthy investment into great sleep. Our Silk Pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and thermal regulating. Never have to worry about the warm, humid weather or having bed head ever again with these luxurious headrests. On the other hand, our Even Loft Pillow is slightly loftier which provides a higher level of support for sleepers who prefer something a little sturdier. We have also partnered with Sofzsleep® to provide our sleepers with their range of latex pillows, best known for their memory foam-like qualities and durability. Read more about pillows and how to choose the right one for you here. However, to understand all the other types of pillows available in the market, there are 3 main qualities of a pillow that will affect your quality of sleep that you will need to familiarise with. First up, we have, pillow loft - also known as “pillow height”, it is the thickness of a pillow. Following suit, pillow density, the firmness of the pillow and how deep a sleeper’s height will sink into it compared to its loft. Last but most importantly, pillow support, how well a pillow is able keep your spine aligned. Now you’re able to take on the pillow market with confidence and stride! The right pillow is like a lover - dependable, comforting and hard to find. But fret not, as we’ll let you in on our secret for buying the perfect pillow! The first step to selecting a pillow would be to understand your preferred sleeping position, side, back, stomach or combination. For side sleepers, a higher loft is recommended to ensure your head is in neutral alignment with your spine. For back sleepers, a low to medium loft will be ideal such that your neck is neither too high or low when laying down on your pillow. For stomach sleepers, a low loft-pillow will be just right to keep your neck from hyper-extending. For combination sleepers, a versatile pillow with a medium loft will be best to support your ever-changing sleeping position.