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Our fitted sheet features ultra-thick elasticated edging to ensure a generous fit over mattresses up to 40cm deep.

Classic logo embroidery at the foot of the ‘short’ fitted bed sheet side, so no more getting mixed up.

Fitted sheet sizes available in single, super single, queen, king, super king and california king. 

Signature TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet Set
from $129.00

1 Fitted Sheet and 2 Pillow Cases

Cotton Fitted Sheet Set
from $98.10$109.00

1 Fitted Sheet and 2 Pillow Cases

Everyday TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet Set
from $95.00

1 Fitted Sheet and 2 Pillow Cases

Cotton Fitted Sheet
from $80.10$89.00

"Great sheets for this climate.

Sheets are as advertised! Excellent material and nice and cool at night. Deep pockets on the fitted sheet are suitable for a thick mattress. ”
Thomas C.
Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set

"The fitted sheet is very soft

and one of the softest I have ever used. Keeps cool in hot climate and highly recommended!"
Junwei L.
Signature TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet Set

Frequently Asked Questions: Fitted Sheets

What is a fitted sheet?

Here’s the fitted sheet meaning - It is a fabric that provides a comfortable layer to lay on and protect the quality of the mattress. A fitted sheet should securely fit a mattress. It has pockets at all 4 corners that are tightened with elastic. When it comes to selecting a pocketed sheet, pocket depth needs to be taken account for such that it fits the mattress comfortably and securely.

Fitted sheet comes in different sizes from single, to king size to california king fitted sheet. There are also kids fitted sheets and crib sheets in smaller sizes for the younger ones.

Flat sheet vs fitted sheet

A flat sheet is also known as a top sheet. It is one to lay under, and is placed below the duvet and above the fitted sheet. As an extra layer, they are great for keeping you warm but also providing additional protection to your duvet cover.

How to fold a fitted sheet?

1. Holding the fitted sheet length wise, locate all four corners. Place your hands in the corners.

2. Take one corner in your hand and tuck it into the other corner. Repeat the tuck on the opposite side. Now your sheet is folded in half.

3. With your hands in the corners again, repeat the tuck one more time. All four corners are now folded into each other. You should see a C-shape of the corner fabric facing you.

4. Fold the edges from the outside in, smoothing the fabric as you go. Fold in thirds again from the other direction, and you’re done.

Protect your fitted sheets from dust by storing them in baskets or fabric bags.

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