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What’s the Best Pillow for Me?

For Side Sleepers

Extra support. Retains shape. Pressure relieving.

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For Back Sleepers

Medium to medium-low support. Supports all your curves.

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For Combination Sleepers

All-round support. Toss and turn freely in your sleep.

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For Stomach Sleepers

Whether you're a side sleeper in need of extra support and pressure relief, a back sleeper looking for a pillow that contours to your curves, a combination sleeper who wants the freedom to rotate, or a stomach sleeper, you can buy a pillow designed just for you from our online bedding collection in Singapore.


Discover the Pillow of your Dreams

Never One Size Fits All

Unlike other bedding items, it’s much harder to find the right pillow for you. That’s why we’ve consolidated multiple options for you to choose from, depending on the type of sleeper you are.

Get Better Posture

Our collection of pillows is tailored to optimise your posture depending on the type of sleeper you are. Recommended with the right firmness, curvature and pillow height so that it relieves pressure and gives you a comfortable resting position.

Free From Harmful Chemicals

From the filling to the fabric of the covers, our pillows are carefully crafted to be hypoallergenic to give you a safe sleeping environment.

Long Lasting Support

We’ve all slept on pillows that had their shape compromised after long-term use, resulting in frequent neck and shoulder aches. We understand that the durability of our pillows is a high priority, and we have made them while keeping this in mind.

Why are Pillows Important?

When it comes to creating the ideal bed setup, pillows play a crucial role. While many of us may not give it much thought, the right choice of pillows can significantly influence our sleep quality. And depending on your sleeping style, different types of pillows can provide the comfort and support you need. Hence, it is important to choose pillows that would best suit your sleep style.

Feather Pillow

Down or feather pillows are primarily made with duck or goose feathers. They are used more frequently for decorative purposes as they are not as soft, and there is the chance of the feather quills being a source of discomfort if they break the surface of the pillow shell.

Latex Pillow

Latex pillows are often compared with memory foam pillows, despite this, they have significant differences in their manufacturing and comfort experience.

Silk Pillow

Silk pillows have also become increasingly popular and not just seen as bedding but as a beauty tool as well to maintain the health of skin and hair.

Microfiber Pillow

Microfiber pillows are usually compared to Polyester pillows. This is a common misconception as microfiber pillows are thinner, more breathable, and lightweight than polyester pillows.

At Weavve Home, we understand the importance of accommodating individual sleep preferences and needs. That's why we offer a diverse range of pillows designed to cater to various sleeping styles. You can buy from our selection of pillows in Singapore, which includes feather pillows for those who enjoy a classic touch, latex pillows for those seeking resilient support, silk pillows for a luxurious and skin-friendly experience, and cotton pillows for breathability and lightness. Each type of pillow has been carefully crafted to meet specific comfort and support criteria, ensuring that you not only get a great night's sleep but also make an informed choice that suits your unique needs.

What Are Some Pillow Considerations?

The most significant aspects you should be considering when shopping for a pillow for yourself include the material and filling as your base consideration followed by other aspects such as pillow loft, pillow density and pillow support.

Pillow Loft

Pillow loft refers to the pillow’s height.

Pillow Density

Pillow density determines the firmness of a pillow and how much your head will sink into it while resting. This should be considered alongside the pillow loft.

Pillow Support

Pillow support refers to the ability of the pillow to aid you with keeping your spine aligned and preventing aches, pains and pressure.

Shop Pillows At Weavve Home In Singapore

At our bedding shop in Singapore, we're committed to redefining your sleep experience by offering pillows that blend comfort, luxury, and durability. Our collection features a variety of pillows, including those made from 100% cotton, pure silk, hypoallergenic polyester microfibre, and non-toxic natural latex.

Beyond the premium materials, we implement meticulous craftsmanship and rigorous quality controls to deliver products that stand the test of time. Whether you prioritise hypoallergenic materials, sustainability, or pure opulence, we have a pillow tailored to meet your unique needs. Elevate your sleep quality and immerse yourself in the world of ultimate comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pillows

Are Weavve Home pillows hypoallergenic?

Yes, our pillows are designed to be hypoallergenic. Whether it's the Silk Pillow featuring 100% pure silk, or the Down Alternative Pillow with hypoallergenic polyester microfibre, each pillow is naturally resistant to allergens. The Sofzsleep Classic Latex Pillow is also non-toxic, offering a hypoallergenic and EMF-free sleep experience.

What is the expected lifespan of the pillows?

Generally, the recommended duration to change a pillow is from 2 to 4 years. The expected lifespan of our pillows varies depending on the type and how well they are cared for. Factors like material quality and usage can affect longevity, but rest assured, each Weavve Home pillow is crafted for durability. However, it's advisable to change your pillow after using it for around 3 years to ensure optimal comfort and support. To complement your pillows, you can also shop our range of high-quality pillow cases, designed to enhance both comfort and aesthetics.

How should the pillows be maintained to ensure longevity?

To ensure the longevity of our pillows, specific care instructions for each material must be followed.

For latex pillows, any initial smell upon unboxing is non-toxic and will dissipate with airing and vacuuming. Always keep these pillows away from direct sunlight. For the removable Bamboo cover, machine wash it below 30℃ on a delicate setting and avoid tumble drying, soaking, bleaching, and ironing.

For silk pillows, keep them away from pets and sharp objects. Spot-clean using a gentle detergent and hand wash, line drying it out of direct sunlight. Absolutely avoid soaking and using any bleaching agents, which damage silk fibres.

For pillows with a cotton outer shell, spot-clean them as needed using a gentle detergent. Hand wash them in cold water at or below 30°C and line dry or lay them flat to dry. Do not soak, and steer clear of using any bleaching agents or softeners, as these will damage the cotton fibres.

What is the return and refund policy for the pillows?

At Weavve Home, we do not offer a return or refund policy for our pillows, a testament to our unwavering confidence in product quality. Crafted from premium, hypoallergenic materials, each pillow is designed for durability and long-lasting comfort. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that the need for a return or refund is highly unlikely.

Does Weavve Home offer any warranties on its pillows?

At Weavve Home, we do not offer warranties on our pillows, but this shouldn't deter you from investing in our high-quality products. Each pillow is meticulously crafted from premium materials and undergoes stringent quality controls to ensure you enjoy a luxurious and enduring sleep experience. With such a commitment to quality, the need for a warranty becomes redundant.

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