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The Gift of Perfect Sleep
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1 TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet, 1 TENCEL™ Duvet Cover, 2 TENCEL™ Pillowcases, 1 Duvet and 1 Mattress Protector

TENCEL™ Lyocell Duvet
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Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set
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Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set
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1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Duvet Cover and 2 Pillow Cases

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Which Cover Should You Pick?

Weavve offers a selection of three covers that we believe will help elevate your sleeping experience, and even general well-being. 

An ideal cover should keep you warm but also cool through warm summer nights. This unique property is often known as thermoregulation, which is extremely important in a tropical climate like Singapore. We believe that less is more - your perfect cover should be easy to use and care while also maximising your comfort.

TENCEL™ Duvet - For Sleep That's Just Right

First up, we have our Lyocell Duvet. Not only is it lightweight and thermoregulating, it is also hypoallergenic, antibacterial and more!

As a general rule of thumb when looking for a lightweight duvet that is suitable for warmer climes, go for a fill power of 400 or below, and a fill weight of 150 - 250gsm. Tog refers to the degree of warmth and insulation you feel when you’re under your duvet, whereas Fill Weight is the weight of the fill inside a duvet per square metre. The different fillings also play a role in the warmth of the duvet. To learn more about the duvets and why you should get one, read our ultimate duvet guide!

Weighted Blanket - For Deep & Restful Sleep

A crowd favourite would be our Weighted Blanket, it is exactly what it sounds like and feels like a big welcoming hug from your favourite aunt. It hosts a wide range of benefits, adding value to every user’s life. It stimulates pleasant, calming emotions often felt when hugged or cuddled. Weighted blankets were originally created for children with special needs, but because of their wide array of benefits, they can be used by people from all walks of life. The chief benefit however, remains the same - to increase comfort, improve mood and enhance sleep. Read our ultimate guide to weighted blankets and why you should try one. 

Cotton Waffle Blanket - Woven To Perfection

For a fancier choice, opt for our latest addition to our blanket collection, the Waffle Knit Blanket- perfect for cuddles and decoration. The waffle weave adds texture that enhances your bedroom or living space, and doubles up as a decorative throw blanket. Here’s how you can style throw blankets: Drape it as a sofa throw blanket or set the waffle knit throw blanket neatly folded on your couch or side chair. Say goodbye to dull spaces in your house.

Signature TENCEL™ Collection

Our best seller and customer favourite. Incredibly smooth and luxurious sheets that turns every night into a treat.

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