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  • TENCEL™ vs Bamboo: What’s The Difference and Which Should You Buy

    When it comes to buying high quality bed sheets, our options have expanded far beyond cotton. While cotton is still indisputably the king of tex...
  • Duvet vs Quilt vs Comforter: What’s The Difference and Which Should You Buy

    A well-chosen cover should keep you cozy and sleeping soundly through the entire night. But we understand that it can get confusing to choose between the different covers - Duvets, Quilts or Comforters. No need to lose any sleep over this, we’ve put together an article to help understand everything you need to know about their differences and which you should buy.

  • Turning a House into a Home: A Chat with Naazli from WTP Furniture

    Up next in our series, we spoke to Naazli, business development manager at WTP furniture. As one of Singapore’s leading lifestyle stores, Naazli together with her mother, continues to shape the future of WTP with the pride of its past. WTP Furniture is known for being an all-in-one shop for both retail and furniture. Not only do they provide quality and thoughtful craftsmanship, but their products also tell the story of a rich South-East Asian Heritage.
  • Turning a House into a Home: A Chat with Kai from Namu Furniture

    This week, we speak with Kai, founder of Namu Furniture. Namu focuses on timeless solid oak wood designs, bringing a minimalist and elegant feel to one’s home. We love how well our sheets complement their classy, scandinavian style bed frames!
  • TENCEL™ vs Cotton: What’s The Difference and Which Should You Buy


    Shopping for bed sheets online should not be as complicated as it seems, and we are here to aid you in your decision - TENCEL™ or cotton, which is better suited for you. From their similarities to differences, we cover it all in our article. Continue reading to find out more.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Weighted Blankets: Benefits and Why You Should Try One

    A complete guide to everything about Weighted Blankets - Benefits and Why You Should Try One. We break down the benefits of a Weighted Blanket into 4 types of self care and who may benefit from them. We also go into detail about how Weavve produces our Weighted Blankets. Also, learn tips and tricks about how to use and wash your Weighted Blanket.

  • Turning a House into a Home: A Chat with Robin from Born In Colour

    Next up, Born In Colour, one of our more colourful furniture partners! We really enjoyed the conversation with Robin as he shared with us interesting founding stories and unique furniture from Korean drama series!
  • Turning a House into a Home: A Chat with Teck Oon from Megafurniture

    Megafurniture is an online first furniture retailer, offering affordable, modern furniture. We hit it off when we first met them due to our common beliefs in producing great quality affordable products, and making sure the buying experience was tailored to the customer.
  • Turning a House into a Home: A Chat with Xue Ting from Star Living

    We’re back with Xue Ting from Star Living, an international furniture retailer with 18 stores in Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan! In this interview, she describes how Star Living started out, the discovery of sincere service as their brand’s strength and the biennial D’STAR Design Competition they organise to support design talents in pursuing their passion.
  • Turning a House into a Home: A Chat with Kaela from Black & Walnut

    Next up in our interview series is Black & Walnut! They’re a designer furniture brand where ordinary furniture just won’t do. We sat down with Kaela, the General Manager at Black & Walnut, to have a chat with her about how Black & Walnut was founded and an interesting story from her experience working there.
  • Turning a House into a Home: A Chat with Felicia and Sara from Gallery 278

    In our chat with Gallery 278, Felicia shares about how she formed her team and her thoughts on eco-consciousness in Singapore while Sara tells us about why they decided to join hands with Weavve Home and about the first piece of furniture she has ever designed.
  • [Part 3] Celebrating Women in Leadership: A Chat With Elaine

    In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2021, we choose to challenge gender inequality and commemorate women’s achievements. Last but not least, we have Elaine, the founder of Enya, telling us about how her brand helps to spark conversations about menstrual health, the women leaders who inspire her, and how she wants to empower even more women to become leaders and make conscious choices.