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  • What Your Bedsheet Colour Says About You: A Guide

    Your bed gets up close and personal with you in your most vulnerable state - in sleep. As such, it pays to put much thought and effort into every detail: from the room paint, the fluff of the pillows, down to the colour of the bed sheets
  • Blanket Temperature: Are Weighted Blankets Hot?

    Among many solutions for sound sleep, weighted blankets have gained phenomenal popularity over the past few years. But considering Singapore's climate, you might wonder “are weighted blankets hot”? Despite their many benefits, one might justifiably hesitate to add another layer to their bedding. The good news is that sleeping cool and experiencing the deep pressure stimulation of a weighted blanket are not mutually exclusive.

  • Down Vs Down Alternative Duvet Inserts: The Difference

    Just like in choosing the right bed sheets, buying the best duvet in Singapore can be daunting given the plethora of options - from the more common down material to other natural and synthetic-filled duvets. In this article, we’ll compare down vs. down alternative pros ad cons to guide you in picking the best option for you. 
  • Down Duvet: Is Down The Best Filling For Duvets?

    Down duvet has always been recognised as one of, if not the best, when it comes to quality. In this article, will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of down and whether it really is the best duvet filling available in the market. 

  • What Is An All Season Duvet? Benefits, Downsides, & More

    Our nighttime environments can be just as unpredictable as those in our waking hours. For those in temperate countries, a common night’s sleep could range from sizzling summers to cold winters. But for Singaporeans, this could simply be whether or not you chose to turn on the aircon or the dehumidifier for the night. 

    But whether it be circumstantial or by choice, what if you had a two-in-one duvet that you can use for both the hot and cold season? This is exactly what an all season duvet in Singapore provides.

  • Sleeping Cool: The Best Bedsheet For Singapore Weather

    If you frequently experience night sweats due to Singapore’s hot weather, it’s time to find the best bedsheet for a hot climate! However, choosing the best cooling sheets in Singapore can be overwhelming. This article covers our top picks when it comes to breathable bedding - TENCEL™ Lyocell, bamboo, cotton, & linen.

  • Oeko-Tex Certified Bedding: How Safe Bed Sheets Are Made

    Your bedroom might be the last place you’d expect to find nasty chemicals. It’s where you're supposed to sleep peacefully after a long day at work. Unfortunately, some brands follow unethical and unsafe production methods that involve toxins and harsh substances.
  • Melatonin For Sleep: Benefits, Side Effects, & More

    Adults generally need 7-9 hours of sleep per night to fully rest, recharge, and stay alert the next day. Unfortunately, some have difficulty drifting off to dreamland, while others end up not even sleeping a wink at all. The good news is that there are many ways to fall or stay asleep. One of these is taking melatonin for sleep.

  • What Is Yarn Count And How Does It Affect Bed Sheets?

    In evaluating bed sheet quality, density (weight and/or length of the yarn) plus softness or feel (thread) of the fabric go hand-in-hand. This is why when buying a new sheet set, you’ll often encounter textile measurement terms such as thread count and yarn count. 
  • Best Moisture-Wicking Bed Sheets For Night Sweats 

    Night sweats are no stranger to hot sleepers. Constant tossing and turning, uneasy feeling, frequent waking - all these interrupt what should have been a restful night. If you often experience these, then you need to turn things around with the help of best moisture-wicking bed sheets. 
  • Bed Sheet Size Chart: King Size Bed Dimensions & More

    Buying your dream mattress is one challenge, but getting it well-dressed is another. Like a power duo, mattresses along with the perfectly-sized bed sheets work together to tuck you into a great nights sleep
  • Cotton Bed Sheets Vs. Linen Bed Sheets: Which Are Better?

    As popular Singapore bedding options, we look into cotton and linen bed sheets - from thread count, percale and sateen weaves, to high quality examples such as TENCEL™ cotton, Supima, Pima cotton, and Egyptian cotton bed sheets. We also put cotton and linen fabrics side by side to see which gives a better night’s sleep.