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" A luxurious sleeping experience even with Singapore’s hot and humid weather, and especially so if you prefer sleeping without an air conditioner."

" You know that saying, “Fast, cheap or good – pick two”? Well, we’ve found one notable exception to this pick-two-only rule: ordering linens online from Weavve.

"(Weavve’s) Tencel is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and temperature regulating – perfect for hot sleepers and those with sensitive skin!"

"With amazing service and affordable products, it’s no surprise that (Weavve) has plenty of five star reviews and repeat customers!"


"The founders of Weavve Home believe that good sleep can be achieved through well-designed products—and their range of well-designed products definitely encourage better sleep and comfort."


"Weavve Home’s lyocell bedding is great for hot sleepers like me who want the comfort and softness of a quilted duvet without the heat. Less disruptions, more blissful sleep."


"In a perfect world, sleeping without feeling too hot or cold exists. Thanks to two friends dedicated to making that happen, you no longer have to stick a limb outside your covers just to fall asleep right. "

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"(Sourced) from sustainable eucalyptus forests. (Weavve's) Tencel is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and temperature regulating - perfect for hot sleepers and those with sensitive skin!"


"You’ll feel that difference in their 100% cotton Sateen Sheets, made for a buttery-smooth feel with a subtle luminous finish; the sheets themselves get softer after every wash too."


"Silky soft as a cloud and available in eight soothing colours, the hypoallergenic and temperature regulating material has a cooling effect on skin."


"The brand’s signature lyocell bedding is known for its extreme breathability and moisture-wicking properties—important elements for a good night’s rest in our tropical climate. "

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"This home-grown brand offers buttery soft lyocell sheets. Its best selling sheets are 100% Tencel lyocell - which maximises its softness and cooling properties."



"(Weavve’s) breathable weighted blankets, helps you relax by stimulating the feeling of being held or hugged."

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"Each product is responsibly made with sustainable manufacturing and reusable packaging. Thoughtful details have also been included to add value to the customer experience."

26 Luxury Bedsheets in Singapore For All Budgets 

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