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Nestle into the soothing embrace of our selection of bolster pillows in Singapore. Each pillow in our collection is a seamless harmony of skilled craftsmanship and thoughtful design, specially tailored to deliver a sense of luxury and serenity to your sleep.

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Experience Deep Sleep With The Right Pillows & Bolsters

Discover our collection curated specially for every type of sleeper

Finding the perfect match in a bolster or pillow can truly be a game changer in your sleep quality.

Find Premium Bolsters And Pillows

Our selection of bolsters and pillows, curated in partnership with Sofzsleep, reflect our commitment to premium quality. From the natural comfort of latex, the smoothness of silk, to the breathable properties of polyester microfibre, each material in our catalogue is chosen to ensure a rejuvenating rest. Whether you're a side sleeper requiring extra cushioning or seeking a balance of softness and firmness, our bolster pillow embraces the needs of every type of sleeper.

Moreover, our bolster and pillows are steadfast in their commitment to health. These sleep accessories are free from harmful chemicals, providing long-lasting support without compromising safety. Dive into a sleep experience that's both revitalising and safe.

Shop Bolsters And Pillows in Singapore

Recognising the significance of quality bedding in achieving restorative rest, we've partnered with Sofzsleep to enhance our collection of premium bolsters and pillows. Each piece is meticulously selected to create an environment where you can truly enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

Beyond mere products, they represent our belief that everyone deserves access to premium sleep essentials. With us, you're investing in products that blend luxury, quality, sustainability, and genuine value.

Experience the difference for yourself. Buy bolster pillows online at our bedding shop in Singapore and embrace the pinnacle of luxurious sleep

More About Our Bolster & Pillow Collection

Our bolster collection

Embrace the night with specially designed bolsters, providing the perfect balance of rigid support and adaptable cosiness. A sleeping companion that truly aligns with your comfort needs.

Our pillow collection

Elevate every slumber with meticulously crafted pillows, offering both steadfast support for the head and neck and a luxurious feel that cradles you to sleep.

Don't just dream of superior comfort; make it a reality. Explore our exceptional bolster and pillowselection online and transform every night into a haven of relaxation. A great night’s sleep is just a click away.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bolsters and Pillows

 Are Weavve Home’s bolsters and pillows hypoallergenic?

Yes! Our bolsters and pillows are naturally hypoallergenic, whether you choose from our latex, silk, or 100% cotton range. These materials repel allergens, ensuring a healthy sleep environment. You can rest comfortably knowing that our products offer both support and allergy protection for a peaceful night's sleep.

What is the expected lifespan of the bolsters and pillows?

The lifespan of our bolsters and pillows can vary based on how you care for or maintain them. While it's advised to replace bolsters every three to four years and pillows every one and a half years, with proper upkeep, they could potentially last longer.

How should the bolsters and pillows be maintained to ensure longevity?

For optimal care of your pillows, it's best to spot-clean them using a gentle detergent, hand wash in cold water, and let them line dry, steering clear of soaking, softeners, and bleach. When it comes to bolsters, they should be shielded from direct sunlight. For their bamboo covers, refrain from tumble drying, soaking, bleaching, or ironing. For more details, please refer to our care guide page.

What is the return and refund policy for the bolsters and pillows?

Returns and refunds for our bolsters and pillows are accepted within 15 days from the shipping date, provided the items are in their original condition and packaging. Please visit our returns and exchanges page for more information.

Does Weavve Home offer any warranties on its bolsters and pillows?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer warranties for our bolsters and pillows. However, know that we select only the best materials for their creation. Their quality and durability are inherent, promising consistent comfort for years to come.

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