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What Is The Highest Thread Count For Bed Sheets?

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They say the more, the better. But that may not necessarily be the case when it comes to bed sheet thread count.

When shopping for bed sheets in Singapore, you’ll likely come across 200 thread count sheets, 950 thread count sheets, 1400 thread count sheets, and so on. Some might wonder, what is the maximum count? And more importantly, what does it mean and how does it affect quality?

Bed sheets with an astronomical number of threads usually cost more, but they’re not always a cut above the rest. You may end up paying more for the marketing than for the quality.

In this article, we’ll shed light on the highest thread count bed sheets, common misconceptions about them, and why getting a grasp of such measurement is never a bad idea. 


What Is Bedsheet Thread Count?

Thread count (TC) is a unit of textile measurement that refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. It determines how tightly the threads are woven together. The finer the yarn, the higher it will be. 

Closely related to it is the yarn count, which determines the thickness or fineness of the yarn. To understand these terms better, there are a few other concepts you should be familiar with.  


Warp And Weft


These are the threads woven vertically (warp) or horizontally (weft) within a specific area. Add them together to calculate the thread count. Let’s say in each square inch of a cotton bed sheet, there are 100 warp threads and 100 weft threads. The listed thread count should be 200.

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Weavve’s Single-Ply Threads

Multi-Ply Vs Single-Ply


Bed sheet ply refers to the layers or strands of yarn twisted together to form one thread. Single-ply yarns are usually lighter yet more durable. On the other hand, multi-ply threads consisting of two to three strands are heavier and coarser. 

By logic, a square inch should have a 200-300 TC but some bedding companies use multi-ply threads to bump up the thread count in bed sheets. That means the warp and weft threads are the same but because two to three strands are counted for each thread, the number is also multiplied by two or three. 

Thus it is often that a bedding sheet with an actual thread count of 300 is commonly advertised as having a 600 thread count.


The Highest Thread Count For Bed Sheets


You’ve probably seen a sheet set ranging from 200-500 TC. The highest thread count bed sheets can go up to 1500. And though questionable, some brands even claim to provide a 3000 thread count sheet marketed as luxury sheets. 


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However, inflated numbers do not dictate the overall quality and
longevity. As explained earlier, the truth behind some bed sheets’ high thread count is masked by misleading computations and marketing.

It means that if we follow the measurement using a single-ply thread, 500-600 TC should already be considered high.


Examples Of High Thread Count Bed Sheets

Bedding sheets made from polyester fibers or polyester blends are usually the ones that can reach over 1000 thread count sheets in Singapore. This is because these are factory-made and machines are capable of producing extremely thin fabrics. 


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Be sure to look into the fiber used when purchasing high thread count sheets in Singapore. Some manufacturers intentionally utilise thin polyester yarns instead of cotton to manipulate the total number of threads.

Is A Higher Thread Count Better?

Not necessarily. It only implies that thinner threads were used. Overly high thread count in bed sheets exceeding 600 can also affect the heat retention and durability of the material. Thus, they may not be the most ideal for the tropical climate of Singapore. 

Think of it this way: thicker strands can fit less into one square inch. In effect, coarser ones will have a lower bed sheet thread count as compared to finer yarns. 


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Contrary to popular belief, thinner threads do not make the bed sheets softer, more durable, and of prime quality. These threads are often associated with lower-quality fabrics. They are heavier and less breathable. The more strands are used, the
more heat they trap. 

So if you’re someone who hates waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, high thread count bedsheets may not be the best way to go when picking the perfect bed sheets for you. 

On the other hand, good fabrics that have thick strands with an ideal thread count are built to last and have excellent temperature-regulating properties.

When Does Thread Count Become Important?

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Before you cross off a high thread count bed sheet from your list, consider this exception. The only time a high number may equate to better quality is when it’s
100% cotton with singly-ply weaves

High thread count cotton bed sheets use smoother and finer yarns. On the other hand, cheap cotton sheets can irritate sensitive skin due to itchiness and restricted air movement.


Best Thread Count For Sheets

Generally, the ideal range is from 300 to 500. But you can opt for a 500-600 count if you are fond of thicker sheets. 

Beyond bed thread count for bed sheets, you should also look into the staple length, yarn count, ply, bed sheet weave method, and fiber type. Here are the best thread counts based on the type of fiber:

  • Upland Cotton: 300-600
  • Egyptian Cotton: 300-400
  • Pima Cotton: 300-600
  • Supima Cotton: 300-500
  • TENCEL™: 300-400
  • Bamboo: 300-500
  • Linen: 80-150

For the weave pattern, the best thread counts are as follows:

  • Cotton Percale Weave: 200-300
  • Cotton Sateen Weave: 300-600

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