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Weighted Blanket

Your therapeutic blanket for ridiculously deep & restful sleep. 

Why sleep with a weighted blanket?

The weight from the therapeutic blanket stimulates deep touch pressure that reduces anxiety & enhances relaxation  for deeper, restful blissful sleep.

For Deeper & Restful Sleep

☼ Designed for tropical Climates ☼


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Sleep Like A Baby

The weight in the blanket stimulates gentle pressure for a feeling of being held or hugged.

This pressure increases serotonin which promotes calmer nights of sleep.

Instant Relaxation

The pressure puts you into "rest" mode, helping to reduce symptoms of anxiety.

This provides a sense of calm, making you feel  relaxed and comfortable.

Sleep in Comfort

Our weighted blankets are designed with a breathable cotton cover for warm tropical climates

They're not hotter than normal duvets, just heavier- for a restful night of sleep.

Weighted Blanket Bundles

Elevate your bed with these easy bundles

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