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What Are Top Sheets And Should You Be Using Them?

What is a top sheet? Top sheets or flat sheets, are sheets that are meant to be placed on top of your bed. It can be tucked under the bottom corners of your bed, to keep them in place as they are more likely to shift around compared to fitted sheets. It doesn't always stay in place because it is not flexible and cannot grasp onto the bed properly.


Grey coloured top sheet with grey pillow cases

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Most, if not all the elderly feel that a bedding set isn't complete unless it includes top bedsheets or flat bedsheets. Even though top sheets are just rectangular pieces of cloth that lie flat on your mattress and can be folded easily in their most basic form, some people believe that it is important to have top bed sheets or flat bed sheets, to complete their bedding set. In this article, we will be discussing about top sheets in detail. We will also be concluding whether we should be using top sheets or not.

What Is The Purpose Of A Top Sheet?

So why are top sheets being used? Here are reasons why some people prefer to use a top bed sheet.


Top sheets help to keep your duvet covers clean and tidy. It also helps to prevent them from becoming soiled. Top sheet also helps you get a more relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep, especially when the temperatures are high. Top sheets are also much easier to wash frequently, compared to duvets, for hygiene purposes.

Should You Use A Top Sheet?

Using a top sheet has its advantages and disadvantages.

White coloured top sheet, with different sizes pillows.

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There are several advantages to using a top sheet. Here are some of the benefits:


Top bed sheets are placed just below the comforter or blanket, and it is the material that will be used to cover your body when you sleep. Top sheets are placed underneath the duvet, which helps to keep the duvet and duvet cover clean and free of stains. 


If you’re using a fitted sheet, a top sheet will also be able to protect the bottom sheets. You just have to place it over your fitted sheet and beneath the duvet. A top sheet can also serve as a protective layer for your primary bedding on your bed, whether it be a comforter, duvet or blanket - click here to see what’s the difference.


The top bed sheets also provide the top covering with an extra layer of protection separate from the body. You can use a top sheet to protect the most costly top covering from staining or ripping if you have been hurt or have skin conditions that result in excessive sweating.

White top sheet, along with a white duvet.

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Temperature Control 

A top sheet might assist sleepers in maintaining a comfortable body temperature. Top sheets can help you to adjust the temperature, which is a prominent feature and notable benefit. They are a pleasant addition that can absorb dampness and excess moisture. 

Moisture-free bedding allows you to sleep better, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. On humid, hot evenings, a top sheet may be the only thing keeping you safe from irritants, depending on your region.

Moreover, characteristics of moisture repellent are inherent in some textiles. You may avoid waking up soaked in perspiration by using a top sheet. During the harsh winter months, it can help you to stay cool. A top sheet may provide not only more warmth and comfort to your bed but also additional protection for your delicate skin when in direct contact with a thicker blanket or comforter.


When being compared to bottom or fitted sheets, top sheets have their downsides.

Time Consuming

Top sheets will not remain at the same position, and will usually end up gathered or crumpled at the foot of the bed. This will cause anyone who is using a top sheet, to slow down in the morning when they make their bed. In this context, a fitted sheet can provide a more convenient and streamlined bed-making process.

Messy bedroom, displaying grey bedsheet

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Common Materials Used For Top Sheets 

Most materials that are used to make bedding sheets can be used to make top sheets. Here is a list of some of those materials that are most commonly used:

  • Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Polyester
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Microfiber
  • Satin

If you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, sheet sets made of soft materials such as TENCEL™, cotton, linen, and silk can help you relax through the silky feel of linen sheets that absorb moisture well from your skin. Hence, you should be looking for bed sheets that are ideal for sensitive skin.

Here is a guide detailing the many factors on how you should choose your bedsheets. A top sheet is able to keep symptoms to a minimum and protect you from dust or dry air, which can induce flare-ups when the cloth repels overnight water generated by night sweats or other causes.

Top Sheet vs Fitted Sheet

You may be wondering, what are the differences between a top sheet and a fitted sheet?

Top sheets are just rectangular pieces of cloth that lie flat on your mattress and can be folded easily in their most basic form hence they are also known as flat sheets. Meanwhile, fitted sheets, also known as bottom sheets, feature elasticated edges that allow them to be easily dragged over the sides and corners of the mattress by simply just folding and tucking to make a secure, tight-fitting sheet on which to lie down and sleep. However, due to the edges, they are difficult to fold nicely.

A fitted sheet, whether made of TENCEL™ fibers or long staple cotton, serves as a protective barrier for your bed. Its smooth feel and even surface offers you an additional layer of comfort while you sleep each night. Fitted sheet has its own set of benefits, which you can read about here.


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Top Sheet vs Flat Sheet

A top sheet is the same as a flat sheet, but the top sheet is placed over the person sleeping on the bed. Flat sheets can refer to both top and bottom sheets. Bottom sheet protects the mattress, the top sheet protects the bed covers laid over it: comforters, blankets, quilts, etc. On hot nights or in warmer climates, top sheets can be used instead of blankets.

How To Use Top Sheets?

  1. Place the hem side of the top sheet at the head of the bed.
  2. Make sure that the seams are up, or the silky side is bed down .
  3. Pull your comforter, coverlet, or quilt up to meet and cover the top sheet evenly.

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Moreover, our TENCEL™ Lyocell bed sheets guarantee you a peace of mind when it comes to being hypoallergenic and toxin free as they are OEKO Tex certified, thus making them great bed sheets for sensitive skin. 

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Our cotton sateen bed sheets use a four over and one under weave pattern as well as processes like singeing and calendaring to give them a luxurious sheen and smooth hand feel. Pre shrinking also prevents our sheets from shrinking during regular washing, thus ensuring a longer sheet lifespan. 

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