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TENCEL™ Lyocell Vs TENCEL™ Modal: Which Is Better?

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Curious about the differences between two of the TENCEL™ branded fibres? They may be from the same brand, but they have distinctions we'll discuss in this article.

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  • Opt for a variant with stronger tear-resistant properties.
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  • Consider moisture-wicking features.
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While looking for the most ideal bedding products for your household, you might have stumbled across the terms “TENCEL™ Lyocell” and “TENCEL™ Modal” and wondered what those terms meant.


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How different can these fibres be considering that they are from the same brand? In this article, we will cover the similarities and differences between these two TENCEL™ branded fibres so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your bedding products.


What Is TENCEL™ Lyocell Vs Modal? 

TENCEL™ fabric refers to the brand of fibres manufactured by the Austrian textile company Lenzing AG. The terms “Lyocell” vs “Modal'' refer to the different types of fibres made under the TENCEL™ family of products. Both Lyocell and Modal are semi-synthetic fibres commonly used in the production of clothing and bedding in Singapore. Their popularity has been on the rise as an alternative to silk fabrics and traditional long staple cotton due to the many benefits they offer.

TENCEL™ Lyocell differentiates itself from its Modal counterpart as the newest generation of fibres manufactured by Lenzing AG. This means that TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres are produced with the latest and most advanced technologies such as REFIBRA™ to improve the sustainability of the material


illustration of the process behind refibra technology
REFIBRA™ By Lenzing AG


Similarities Of TENCEL™ Lyocell And Modal

Since both TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal are manufactured by the same company, they share a host of similarities. Most products composed of Lenzing’s TENCEL™ material are usually known for their high-quality texture and breathability.

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Both TENCEL™ Lyocell And Modal Are Highly Breathable

Through Lenzing AG’s highly technical production process, the use of a twill weaving pattern of both fibres ensure the breathability of the fabric. TENCEL™ fibres are significantly more breathable than other cooling fabrics such as cotton and bamboo. The breathability of the material would allow moisture from the surface of your skin to escape. The reason many of us feel hot when we sleep is because the moisture from the surface of our skin is trapped. 

In high humidity environments this effect is accentuated as the air would be saturated with moisture. This would hinder the evaporation of the moisture from our skin. By using a breathable bed sheet, there would not be an additional layer of fabric preventing the evaporation of the moisture.


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Given the high humidity and temperature in Singapore, breathable TENCEL™ Lyocell and TENCEL™ Modal sheets would have a substantial impact on the quality of your good night’s sleep.


Both Fibres Are Environmentally Friendly

If you are environmentally conscious, you should know that both fibres are environmentally friendly. The production processes of both TENCEL™ fibres have minimal impact on the environment. Lenzing AG produces TENCEL™ fibres from sustainably sourced natural wood through environmentally friendly production processes which minimises the destruction of the environment. TENCEL™ Modal is manufactured from Beech Trees while the production of Lyocell utilises Eucalyptus wood. 

Both of these tree types are fast growing in almost anywhere and require minimal pesticide and care, making Eucalyptus and Beech an exceptional choice in terms of sustainability as the supplies of these trees would be replenished relatively quickly. This prevents overharvesting, since the trees that are cut can be grown back in a short period of time. 


Forest with trees used to make TENCEL
Image From TENCEL™


Moreover, the production process of TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal requires less than half the water used in the production of fibres from cotton. Thus mitigating the excessive water consumption by the fashion and bedding industry. TENCEL™ Lyocell is also toxin free and Oeko-Tex® certified. Based on a report by the World Bank, 20% of the world’s water pollution stems from textile dyeing and treatment.


tencel fiber manufacturing process by Lenzing AG
Image From TENCEL™


Additionally both TENCEL™ Modal and Lyocell are manufactured from natural renewable raw wood, the fibres are certified to be biodegradable and compostable. The biodegradability of the fibres ensure that the environmental impact of these fibres are reduced. You can be assured that your TENCEL™ bed sheets would not be contributing to the piles of disposed fabric in landfills. 

Therefore, TENCEL™ fibres are a better choice than bamboo fibres when it comes to sustainability and environmental friendliness.


Differences Between TENCEL™ Lyocell And Modal

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Now let’s look at the key differences between these two fibres. The most obvious difference between them are the different raw materials used in their manufacturing process with TENCEL™ Lyocell utilising Eucalyptus wood while TENCEL™ Modal uses Beech wood. Apart from the foundation of fibre raw material, here are some of TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres characteristics which differentiate it from Modal.


TENCEL™ Lyocell Is Stronger Than Modal

If you want a fabric which can last you for a long time, TENCEL™ Lyocell is for you! The combination of Eucalyptus wood and Lenzing AG’s production processes results in a durable and strong fibre. 

The durability of the material would give you a peace of mind when it comes to washing your TENCEL™ Lyocell bed sheets. Moreover, it would ensure that your sheets would have a longer bedsheet lifespan as they would be more tear-resistant as compared to other fabrics.


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TENCEL™ Lyocell Has Moisture-Wicking Properties 

TENCEL™ Lyocell is a moisture-wicking fabric that can quickly dry out excess moisture and keep the fabric fresh and release heat while doing so.

What this means is that our TENCEL™ Lyocell bed sheets would ensure that you remain cool when you sleep. It does so by preventing the build up of sweat on your body when you sleep. The reason many of us feel hot when we sleep is because the moisture from the surface of our skin is trapped. In high humidity environments this effect is accentuated as the air would be saturated with moisture. This would hinder the evaporation of the moisture from our skin. By having a moisture wicking bed sheet, the efficiency of this evaporation process would be improved. As the bed sheet would transfer the moisture away from your skin. This allows you to sleep cool throughout the night.

On the other hand, Modal fibres do not have moisture-wicking properties. So they will be absorbent instead. Hence, TENCEL™ Modal bed sheets would just absorb your sweat instead of enabling your body to dissipate heat, it could leave you feeling warm and sweaty.

Thus, TENCEL™ Lyocell is an ideal fabric when it comes to bed sheets in warmer and humid climates such as Singapore. The heat management of bedding made from TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric would ensure a greater quality of sleep for you.


TENCEL fibre's properties table

Image From TENCEL™

TENCEL™ Lyocell Or Modal: Which Should You Choose?

It all points down to your preferences and budget. TENCEL™ Lyocell might be pricier than TENCEL™ Modal. However for those who value quality, TENCEL™ Lyocell would be a more suitable choice. It offers a more durable fibre and moisture-wicking properties which would allow you to sleep cool on a hot night.


How Choosing Good Quality Sheets Can Improve Your Sleep

Having good sleeping habits can have an impact on your daily productivity. Sleep-related conditions such as sleep apnea can potentially increase your risk of coronary heart disease by 30%. It is important to sleep at a fixed time every day to cultivate healthy sleep routine.

Try not to consume a big meal or caffeine too close to bedtime as sleeping after a big meal would impact your digestion. For deeper and more comfortable sleep, invest in premium quality TENCEL™ Lyocell bed sheets and experience the difference they can make.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lyocell the same as TENCEL™ ?

Lyocell is the type of fibre, so Lyocell can be manufactured by any company. However, TENCEL™ Lyocell is exclusively manufactured by Lenzing AG. There are more stringent production processes on the production lines during batch productions of the fibres administered by Lenzing AG. This guarantees the quality and sustainability of the fibre as compared to a generic brand Lyocell fibre.


Is TENCEL™ Lyocell the same as eucalyptus?

TENCEL™ Lyocell is manufactured from Eucalyptus trees (Gum Trees). They were chosen as they grow extremely quickly in almost anywhere and require minimal pesticide and care. Which makes Eucalyptus one of the most sustainable choices of wood.


Is TENCEL™ Lyocell good quality?


Yes, it is of premium quality. Lyocell, produced by Lenzing AG, has to meet stringent production standards which ensures the quality of the fibres produced.


Is TENCEL™ Lyocell or TENCEL™ Modal better?


Both are eco-friendly and manufactured by the same company. And though TENCEL™ Lyocell is generally more costly than TENCEL™ Modal, the former provides superior quality. TENCEL™ Lyocell is relatively more durable and moisture-wicking.

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