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5 Benefits Of Sleeping On Cooling Bed Linen

5 Benefits Of Sleeping On Cooling Bed Linen
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When it comes to getting a blissful rest, optimum comfort is key. However, a lot of people may struggle and spend evenings feeling uneasy due to the heat.

Some may be inherently hot sleepers. Others might have medical conditions that cause excessive sweating. If you’re one of them, a temperature-regulating,  cooling bed might be the change from a night of hot tossing and turning into a great night's sleep.

Whether you're dealing with hot weather, unbearable night sweats, or just want to get better sleep, you’ll never go wrong with investing in cooling bed linen in Singapore! Find out how breathable pillows, bedlinen, blankets, and duvet covers can positively impact your slumber and overall health in this article.

How Does Cooling Bedding Work?

Traditional and ordinary bedding keeps you warmer since they lie closer to your skin and capture more of your body heat. 

Cooling bed linen, on the other hand, are specially made to be more breathable and moisture-absorbing to enable your body to keep cool during the night. They are usually lighter and made of lightweight materials than regular ones, allowing more air movement. 

5 Benefits Of Using Breathable Luxury Bed Linen

The primary advantage of these bedding items is keeping you cool all night, but the benefits are far more intricate than that. Heat-resistant linen sets are helpful in many ways, including:

Maintains A Comfortable Body Temperature

Our body temperature fluctuates as we progress through the stages of sleep. The drops in temperature aid in healing and melatonin production, which helps people fall and stay in deep slumber. 

Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Classic Set in Cloud White
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Classic Set in Cloud White

Instead of suffocating us,
cooling bedding adjusts and never becomes too hot on us, which is a common concern with ordinary bed linen. This also makes it possible to utilize them throughout the colder seasons.

Enhances Your Sleep Quality

According to sleep experts, we should ideally sleep in a room that is around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. A colder environment helps us settle in for a good night’s rest. 

This explains why sleepiness and coolness frequently go hand in hand. Using cooling bedding in Singapore can assist our bodies in falling asleep faster and deeper - while keeping those night sweats away.

Boosts Energy, Mood, And Cognitive Function

Hot sleepers have trouble falling asleep if their blanket and linen are too hot. They toss and turn, extend a leg, draw it back in, and extend their arms. As a result, they squander their whole night.

Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Deluxe Set in Lilac Mauve
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Deluxe Set in Lilac Mauve

Light and breathable bed linen can speed them up to
healthy, deep sleep by removing the nagging sense of being too toasty all the time. An ideal environment can make their sleep more pleasant and peaceful - free of night sweats! 

In effect, they wake up the next day feeling recharged and refreshed. Getting enough sleep has been proven to help with pain, anxiety, and attentiveness.

Helps In Weight Management

As our body temperature falls during sleep, the human growth hormone that contributes to tendon and muscle healing is produced. The levels of cortisol or the stress hormone in our bodies also decrease.

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The number of calories our body burns when resting depends on the amount of muscle we have. A drop in cortisol, which is related to hunger, implies we are less likely to succumb to food cravings during daytime.

Offers A Cost-Effective Solution

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Although air conditioning may be used to manage room temperature, leaving it on overnight is usually not a good idea. Not only does it result in high power expenses, but it also releases a lot of carbon and is harmful to the environment. 

As a result, you might want to consider investing in alternative solutions, such as a quality set of cooling linen bedding in Singapore.

What Gives Bedding Heat-Resistant Properties?

Understanding the factors that make bedding materials cut above the rest will guide you on how to choose a bed linen aligned with your preferences.

Weave And Texture

While other lightweight textiles appear cool to the touch, they also tend to fit tightly about your body, trapping heat while you sleep. Temperature-regulating bed linen with a crisp texture allows for a more comfy fit and increased ventilation.

Folded textiles with different texture and weave
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Two of the most common types of weave patterns are
sateen and percale. Sateen fabric is characterized by its one yarn beneath, three or four yarns over the weave. It features a slight sheen and is inherently wrinkle-resistant

Percale linen, on the other hand, has a one-over-one-under weave that gives them their distinct crisp feel. Despite having a rather tight weave, they are actually quite breathable.

Refreshing bedding with unique weave patterns can also have a significant influence on heat accumulation. You should look for moisture-wicking fabrics with a matrix or lattice pattern to aid with the dissipation of any extra body heat produced while sleeping.


When it comes to determining whether or not your bed linen will keep you cool and comfy, the major factor is fabric. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon do not ventilate well, but natural fibers such as bamboo and cotton are excellent choices for their breathability. You can't go wrong with TENCEL™, bamboo, or cotton bedlinen.

Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Deluxe Set in Midnight Blu
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Deluxe Set in Midnight Blue

However, regardless of the fabric chosen, textiles in lighter hues are always good for moderating hot temperatures. While darker colors absorb sunlight and heat throughout the day, bright colors reflect it, making for a cooler night's sleep for the typical hot sleeper.

Thread Count

Many people feel that a high thread count inevitably equates to better quality—this is just not the case with a bedding set. So, what thread count is optimal for cooling bed linen materials?

Higher thread counts or TC often result in a tighter structure, which promotes heat retention. To provide for better airflow, breathable linen should have wide, airy weaves with thread counts ranging from 400 to 600 TC

Anything higher than that could mean low quality, thinner threads were used to double the numbers. Excessive threadcounts could also make the fabric heavier and hotter.

Cooling Bed Linen Materials

Choosing the best bed linen for you can be taxing if you are not aware of the different materials with superior breathability. The following are some of the top fabrics that minimize thermal buildup:


Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Deluxe Set in Sand Taupe
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Deluxe Set in Sand Taupe

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are smooth, breathable, moisture-wicking, and wrinkle-resistant linen fabrics excellent for regulating body temperature

They are prized for their softness and are commonly used in the bedding industry. TENCEL™ linen is also eco-friendly as it is made by diluting wood pulp in a chemical solvent and then pushing it through an extruder. 

Cotton And Cotton Blends

Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Deluxe Set in Persian Grey
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Deluxe Set in Persian Grey

has long been one of the most preferred textile fibers in the world, dating back to 4200 BCE. It is found in 75% of garments and is popular for summer wardrobes because of its texture, breathability, and absorption characteristics. There are several types of cotton bed linen to pick from, including American Upland, Egyptian cotton, and Pima cotton.


Bamboo linen, like TENCEL™, is a natural fiber that is well-known for being a renewable source of fabrics. Bamboo bed linen in Singapore are super smooth, flexible, and resilient, as well as being somewhat lighter in weight than cotton.



TENCEL™ Lyocell Bed Linen

Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Deluxe Set in Fern Green
Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Deluxe Set in Fern Green

In terms of breathability and moisture-wicking abilities,
Weavve’s TENCEL™ Lyocell bedding never fail to impress! It starts with the best Lyocell fibers (100% Lenzing TENCEL™) spun into the finest 80s yarn count threads. Our 400 thread count and single-ply threads are guaranteed to provide a stronger, smoother, and lighter fabric.

Shop TENCEL™ bedlinen Singapore

Cotton Sateen Bed Linen

Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Deluxe Set in Tea Rose
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Deluxe Set in Tea Rose

Using extra-long staple cotton fibers and single-ply threads, our high thread count cotton sateen linen is sought-after for being strong, smooth, and light. Our four over and one under weave pattern give our luxurious linen a sheen matte finish and smooth feel. 

Shop cotton bedlinen Singapore



Here at Weavve, we pride ourselves on being committed to responsible sourcing, production, sale, and use of our products. We take a great effort in ensuring that our decisions account for all the people who help build our products, the environment, and our consumers. From Standard 100 by Oeko Tex® certified sheets to SEDEX certified factories, Weavve makes sure that everyone is cared for at every step of the way.

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