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King vs California vs Super King Size - What’s The Difference?

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Your bed is one of the major purchases you will make. After all, you will likely spend 26 years sleeping and an additional seven years trying to sleep throughout your lifetime—that’s about one-third of your life. For that reason, it makes perfect sense to invest in a quality bed that’s conducive to deep sleep every night. To ensure comfort, it has to have the right size.

When it comes to buying a bed, bigger is often better. You wouldn’t want to feel cramped while trying to get some shut-eye, especially if you’re sharing a bed with someone else. Thankfully, you have these options to choose from: King, California King, and Super King. 


These bed sizes look and sound similar to one another, which can make shopping for the perfect bed daunting. However, choosing the right bed size doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you’re unsure what to get, use this article as your guide to understanding King vs California King vs Super King.



The king bed, also called the Eastern king, is the largest standard size. The king size bed dimensions are 182cm x 190cm (76 inches wide and 80 inches long). To visualize, it’s equal to two twin beds placed side by side. It fits best in larger master bedrooms no smaller than 396cm x 396cm.


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As the largest bed size, the king bed offers more than enough room for two sleepers. It is the perfect choice for family members who love to snuggle together and fur parents who like to nap with their pets. Also, it comes with a split king option that’s ideal for couples who long for close proximity to their partners while getting some distance for themselves to enjoy their preferred sleep positions.

In terms of availability, you won’t have to search far and wide for this bed size. It is a standard size, which means almost all bed companies offer it. Buying this could also mean saving yourself from the hassle of looking for custom-made bed sheets.


A king size mattress has many pros, but it isn’t without drawbacks. Given its size and weight, shifting its position can be challenging, making moving houses or changing king bed sheets taxing.

In addition, although the king bed is the largest standard size, this mattress size may be too short for taller people. So if you’re over 1.83m tall, think twice before buying it as your feet may dangle off the bed.



The California king bed size, also known as the Western King, measures 183cm x 213cm (72 inches wide and 84 inches long). If you’re deciding between a king vs a California king, the Cal king is the better option if you want a taller mattress. It is four inches longer than a king, offering more room for you to stretch out. On the flip side, it offers less surface area since it’s four inches narrower. 


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With its extra length, the California king size mattress is ideal if you want a taller bed. It’s also perfect for long and narrow master bedrooms measuring 3.6m x 4.3m. Additionally, it comes in a split option equivalent to two twin XL mattresses pushed together.


The California king bed is bulky and heavy, making it difficult to move. Moreover, this bed might not be for you if you have a limited budget. Finding bed accessories, like California king fitted sheets and bed frames, can also be a hassle since they are not widely available.



The super king size bed has a mattress dimension of 200cm x 200cm. Compared to the king bed, it measures several centimeters thinner and shorter. This bed size is perfect for you if you have a smaller bedroom and want extra sleeping space.


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The super king bed is two standard single mattresses put together. Like other bed sizes, it has a split option that provides enough room for two sleepers and children to cuddle together. 


This bed size gives more than enough sleeping space, but it requires your bedroom to be at least 3.65m x 3.65m to ensure adequate room space. Another con to this is it’s often custom-made. It is rare and, therefore, pricier than other bed sizes. Buying super king bed sheets could also be tiresome since they are larger mattresses that need to be specially made.



With multiple options available to you, choosing a bed that perfectly suits your needs and preferences can be quite confusing. Before buying, consider these factors to make your purchase decision with confidence:



Owning a bed that’s fit for a king (or a queen) is exciting. But before you get ahead of yourself, remember that the bigger the bed, the trickier it is to transport and install. Because of this, check first if your space has tight corners and doorways and measure the dimensions of your bedroom and entryway.


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Ideally, there should be around 61cm of space between the sides of your bed and your bedroom walls. Anything lower than that can make your room feel cramped.


Preferences affect sleep experience, so determine how much space each of you and your partner needs to get a good night’s sleep. Snoring and restlessness at night should also be considered. If you or your significant other tends to snore or toss and turn, choose a bed big enough to have distance away from the noise and extra elbow and legroom.


Some bed covers, sheet sets, box springs, flat sheets, and mattress protectors are not easily accessible for certain mattress sizes. You may have to request custom-made bedding accessories if you get a rare bed size, like a super king.

Bed sheets, in particular, don’t fit some beds. For instance, although the king and California king beds have the same perimeters, a standard king bed is shorter and wider than a California king. This means California king bed sheets won’t fit a king bed.


When buying sheets, measure the dimensions of your mattress, including any mattress toppers. You’ll know that your sheets will fit perfectly onto your bed if they’re equal to or slightly bigger than your mattress measurement. Moreover, every store’s dimensions can vary slightly, so be sure to check the bed sheet buying guide and the bed sheet size chart before making a purchase.



Our sheet dimensions are aligned to Australian sizes so they are slightly bigger than Singapore standard sizes and can accommodate larger beds.


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