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Bed Sheet Size Chart: King Size Bed Dimensions & More

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Nothing is more satisfying than finding sheets that not only suit your taste but perfectly fits your bed size as well. Here are different bed sheet sized and what to buy considering your mattress size!

Quick Tips
  • The bedsheet size or category should match your mattress size.
  • Note that some bedsheet materials tend to stretch or shrink. 
  • There are ways to fix mismatched sizes.

Buying your dream mattress is one challenge, but getting it well-dressed is another. Like a power duo, mattresses along with the perfectly-sized bed sheets work together to tuck you into a great nights sleep

Bed sheets are useful not only for aesthetics but also in maintaining proper hygiene and comfort for your daily rest, especially when sleeping in the Singapore heat. As such, investing in the right sheets is critical to maximizing your sleeping experience. 

This best bed sheet size guide looks into the different types of beds, which sheet sizes fit best through a comprehensive size chart, and how to make the most of available sheets - regardless of size. 


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Guide To Bed Sheet Sizes

The first step to knowing the right bed sheet size is to know the size of your bed first. With many different sizes on the market, knowing the differences between each size is crucial to getting the correct sheets.

Single-Size Bed 


As the name suggests, a single bed is a tiny bed intended for one person. It’s also known as a twin bed as it is designed to be placed side by side in a room as a pair.

Single-sized bed covered with bed sheets
Image By Alexander Zvir From Pexels

Single beds provide adequate space for solo sleepers, with the flexibility to push both of them together into a bigger bed. This makes them a favorite among
hotels expecting a varied mix of clientele per room. They’re also ideal for growing kids getting into their first solo bed while having sleepovers with their siblings every now and then. 

Single-Size Bed Dimensions

  • 91cm x 190cm
  • 107cm x 190cm (super single or Twin XL versions)

Single Bed Sheet Size

  • 92cm x 192cm x 40cm
  • 107cm x 200cm x 40cm (super single bed sheets that can accommodate slightly bigger sizes)

Queen Size Bed

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Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set In Lilac Mauve

Queen size bed sheets in Singapore make for a
luxurious experience for single active sleepers or a just-right fit for couples. Their flexibility makes queen-sized bedding in Singapore a popular choice.

This is not to be confused with a double or full-sized bed. The full bed is bigger than the single size mattress but smaller than the queen mattress in both length and width. For solo sleepers, the size change is an upgrade from the narrow single mattress, but might be too cozy for young couples. 

While significantly wider and longer than the single size, using the queen mattress as a shared space still results in around 20cm less space per person. The tiny trade-off is there. But overall, this shouldn’t be a problem for a 1 parent 1 child sleeping arrangement or for couples that prefer to sleep close together.

Queen Size Bed Dimensions

152cm x 190cm

Queen Bed Sheets Size

152cm x 200cm x 40cm (optimal queen size bed sheet measurement)

King Size Bed

The king size bed offers the widest space across common sizes. Its width is equivalent to two twin beds side by side. 

Some versions of king beds even use this sizing to their advantage and form mattresses with two separate twin spring mechanisms below. Isolating the movements between sleepers, a king-sized bed provides maximum comfort for active co-sleepers.


Luxurious bedroom with a king size bed
Image By Max Vakhtbovych From Pexels

Bigger sleepers or those with more companions to keep them company at night may consider a super king size bed that provides more width. 

Meanwhile, taller individuals may opt to purchase a California king size bed for extended length. Overall, the king, super king, and California king beds all provide superior space and comfort.

However, consider the room size against the mattress size before purchasing a king-sized bed for yourself. It is usually reserved for master bedrooms with at least 400x400cm of space - even more for a super king or a California king mattress. This is to ensure ample movement within the room. After all, you wouldn’t want your bed frame blocking your way to the windows or the bathroom.

King Size Bed Dimensions

  • 182cm x 190cm
  • 200cm x 200cm (super king size bed dimensions)
  • 183cm x 213cm (California king size bed dimensions)

King Bed Sheet Size

  • 183cm x 200cm x 40cm
  • 201cm x 201cm x 40cm (super king bed sheets) 
  • 183cm x 213cm x 43cm (California king bed sheets)

The Ultimate Bed Sheet Size Chart


If your bed does not fall under the standard mattress specs, pick the closest size options through the bedsheet size chart below:

Bed size

Mattress size

Duvet cover

Fitted sheet

Flat sheet


91cm x 190cm

140cm x 210cm

92cm x 192cm x 40cm


Super Single

107cm x 190cm

180cm x 210cm

107cm x 200cm x 40cm



152cm x 190cm

210cm x 210cm

152cm x 200cm x 40cm

245cm x 270cm


182cm x 190cm

250cm x 210cm

183cm x 200cm x 40cm

275cm x 275cm

Super King

200cm x 200cm

260cm x 230cm

201cm x 201cm x 40cm

275cm x 275cm

California King

183cm x 213cm

270cm x 240cm

183cm x 213cm x 43cm

275cm x 275cm

* All values are stated as Width x Length x Depth.

Our TENCEL™ and cotton fitted sheets are available in all of these sizes. Silky smooth and wrinkle-resistant, these flat sheet and fitted sheet fabrics dress up your bed nicely while being kind to your skin

For the full experience of an excellent night’s rest, try pairing these sheets with our TENCEL™ duvet covers.

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Featuring Weavve’s TENCEL™ Duvet

How To Find The Perfect Size

The best sheets are neither too tight nor too loose - they need to be
just right. But with so many sizes available and even more good quality bed sheets in Singapore, how can you best tell if the sheet sets you’re holding will be a perfect fit? 

Know your standard bed size, take accurate measurements and invest in quality materials. While there are hacks to keep your wrongly-sized sheets useful, pushing your fabrics to their limits would ultimately take a toll on their usable life. 

3 Tips To Fix Mismatched Sheets And Bed Sizes


There are many different situations that can leave you with mismatched sheets and bed sizes. Growing kids may trade up to bigger beds, or couples may move homes and face having their usual king size fitted sheets on their queen bed. Or it could simply be an accidental purchase of the wrong sheet size and you’re left unable to return it. 

A bedsheet in Singapore is an investment in itself, so here are some tips on how to maximize your sheets for any size. 


Use Implements


Sewing materials with safety pins
Image By Pavel Danilyuk From Pexels

Sheet suspenders and safety pins are handy to keep oversized sheets from moving around during the night. If none of these are on hand, use the sheet weight of the mattress to your advantage and tuck the edges securely.

Cut Where Necessary


With accurate measurements and some sewing skills, cutting and repairing your sheets into a smaller size will do wonders for sheet placement. You can even string in elastics in the corners for additional support.


Measuring tape thread and scissors
Image By Pixabay From Pexels

Stretch Or Shrink Sheets To Your Advantage

Most sheets are
made with cotton, which stretches and shrinks over time unless pre-shrinking was done. Take advantage of this fabric’s innate property by stretching your sheets to fit bigger beds, or washing your sheets on a hot cycle for the natural shrinkage to work its magic. 

However, cotton only shrinks anywhere between 4 to 10%, so don’t expect your sheets to move two sizes down anytime soon. Note also that some high-quality cotton sheets have anti-shrink properties so this trick might not work on them.

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