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Top 15 Mattress Brands in Singapore You Should Buy From

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Buying a mattress can be overwhelming, so we’ve rounded up a list of the best mattresses in Singapore.

Quick Tips
  • Take into account trial and warranty, especially if you're buying online.
  • Use a mattress protector to prolong the lifespan of your mattress.

Waking up on the right side of the bed does wonders for the rest of your day. But no matter which side of the bed you wake up on, you’ll need a quality mattress that has your back. Mattresses support your body for almost one-third of your day, so a good one is key to a perfect night’s sleep. But with so many options, where do we start? 

The questions of what and where to buy a mattress in Singapore can be daunting,  so we’ve compiled the top features of popular mattresses along with a list of the best mattresses in Singapore.




Finding a cheap mattress in Singapore that can give you a good night’s sleep is a big win in itself. For a mattress sale in Singapore comes few and far between, here are some brands that already excel in the value for money category:




Luxurious bedroom with warm color tones
Seahorse’s Original Diamond Mattress At


Seahorse is a Hong Kong-based mattress brand that is known for selling good-quality mattresses at reasonable prices. Visit the Seahorse mattress Singapore outlet and choose from its roster of firm mattresses. Some variants offer two sides of varying hardness levels, so you can flip the mattress to your preference over time. 

Seahorse also offers foldable mattresses, Singapore’s essential tool for adjusting tight condo spaces. This was released under the Hecom mattress in Singapore. For an even more flexible storage option, rollable mattresses are also available.

Best Known For: affordable foam mattresses

Trial And Warranty: None




A person sitting on IKEA's mattress
IKEA’s Top Selling Mattress VITMÅSEN From


There’s an Ikea for just about anything - and a mattress is no exception. With over 40 models on offer, you can find your best-fitting Ikea mattress in Singapore, from super single mattress size - Singapore’s popular size - to king-sized beds. All variants feature a spring mattress structure for better support while keeping cool in the city’s tropical weather. And with Ikea, there’s always an option that fits your budget.

Best Known For: affordable spring-type mattresses

Trial And Warranty: 10-year guarantee


Noa Home


a grey hybrid mattress from Noa
Noa Home’s Noa Mattress At


Noa is a Canadian company that provides a quality night’s sleep at an affordable price. Keeping things simple and straightforward, a Noa mattress in Singapore is a mix of hybrid memory foam and pocket springs with a hand-tufted TENCEL™ cover on its premium line. Eager to serve, they offer free shipping of your mattresses to anywhere in the world. 

Best Known For: hybrid mattresses

Trial And Warranty: free 120-night trial and 15-year limited warranty




bedroom with green plant
Emma’s Original Hybrid Mattress At


Emma mattresses in Singapore provide the best of German engineering at an affordable price. Supported by years of research, Emma mattresses have been dubbed as the “most awarded mattress in Europe”. Its success lies in using the latest foam technology to distribute isolated pressure where necessary. It also includes Airgocell technology, making the foam moisture-resistant and breathable. 

Best Known For: breathable foam mattresses. 

Trial And Warranty: free 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty.




All mattresses are good, but when they’re expert-approved, it takes it to a whole other level. Check out some brands which are internationally accredited or developed for a scientifically-proven good night’s sleep:


King Koil


yellow bedroom decor with King Koil’s Mattress
King Koil’s Mattress At


This US-based mattress brand has been collaborating with the International Chiropractors Association since 1967, producing mattresses powered by a 5-zone pocketed spring system to provide localized spinal support where you need it most. 

A King Koil mattress in Singapore is jam-packed with a variety of breathable and antibacterial materials. Even the mattress edges matter - its Excellent Edge foam encasement ensures you can sit on the edge of the bed without rolling off.

Best Known For: pocketed spring mattresses

Trial And Warranty: 10-15 year limited guarantee




A cozy grey bedroom
Sealy’s Palatial Crest Mattress At


Sealy has been developing mattresses in the US since 1881, in collaboration with leading orthopaedic surgeons. Accredited by the Orthopaedic Advisory Board, the Posturepedic lines are springing mattresses powered by twice-tempered Titanium Coils - a patented design to provide adequate and customized support, especially in the back and hip area. Sealy mattresses in Singapore come in firm, medium, and plush ranges. Moreover, its UniCased XT support and SmarTex fabric both help provide a cool and uninterrupted sleep. 

Best Known for: Posturepedic spring mattresses

Trial and Warranty: 10-year warranty




neat bed with plant
Vono’s SpinePro 800 Plus At


Vono is a UK mattress brand developed in partnership with the Center for Ergonomics in Switzerland. Since 1896, Vono mattresses in Singapore have showcased British technology through its advanced Intalok Springing System, which provides full support for the 7 zones in your body for a refreshing sleep. It is made with high-quality latex and antibacterial materials for greater peace of mind. 

Best Known For: spring mattresses with targeted support

Trial and Warranty: 15-year warranty


Foam Support


It’s not about how much fluff your mattress has - it’s how you use it. These foam mattresses are Singapore favourites for their proprietary foams, or in utilizing a blend of hybrid foam systems for an excellent sleeping experience:




Simmons’ mattress with colorful background
Simmons’ Beautysleep Discovery I Mattress At


Take the choice of high-end hotels and get a Simmons mattress in Singapore. Simmons is a luxury mattress well known for its combination of memory and latex foams. It is also supported by strong coil support for back care, and e-ion technology to refresh you for the next day. It’s also built to last through its non-flip feature - differing top and bottom finish to prevent the need of flipping the mattress to keep it in shape.

Best Known For: hybrid latex and memory foam mattresses

Trial And Warranty: 10-year limited warranty




Soft Queen Mattress in Singgapore
Tempur Pro® Smartcool™ Soft Queen Mattress At


Tempur is a Denmark-based brand known for its memory foam mattresses. Using its proprietary formula, there is much firmer with less motion transfer in a Tempur mattress. Singapore’s hot weather makes Tempur’s Cooltouch a much-appreciated feature - ensuring the mattress stays cool while absorbing excess heat. It also comes in soft, medium and firm variants.

Best Known For: memory foam mattresses

Trial And Warranty: 15-year limited warranty




girl sleeping Woosa Mattress
Woosa’s The Woosa Mattress At


Singapore mattress brand Woosa aims to make buying a bed and mattress in Singapore easy and fuss-free. Focusing on good honest materials and craftsmanship, the brand has constructed mattresses with layers of latex and memory foam, including a TENCEL™ cover for its premium variant. To sweeten the deal, Woosa mattresses can be delivered to your home within SG for free.

Best Known For: hybrid latex and memory foam mattresses

Trial And Warranty: 100-night free trial and 10-year warranty




man sitting on sonno mattress
 Sonno’s Original Mattress At


Sonno features a triple-layer foam combination for the deepest, comfiest sleep. It starts with a 2cm 100% natural latex top layer for coolness, a 5cm memory foam layer to relieve pressure, and a 16cm support foam to properly distribute weight. The dense foam also helps prevent motion transfer, and both the foam and latex prevent the growth of mites, mould, and fungi. Sonno’s materials are so environmentally friendly that it has gained a CertiPUR-US seal of approval. The brand also provides free shipping and returns, in case it still fails to impress.

Best Known For: triple-layer foam mattresses

Trial And Warranty: 100-night free trial and 10-year warranty




With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, buying a mattress that keeps you cool and fresh throughout the night is a necessity. Instead of buying an additional cooling mattress pad, Singapore’s got some brands that already put a cool night’s sleep as a priority:




foam mattresses from Sofzsleep
Sofzsleep's Trilogy Mattress At


Sofzsleep are known for their Belgian mattress supply and their fluffy foam mattresses. By using materials like polyurethane foam, horse hair and even coconut husk, they maximise the level of comfort provided by their mattresses. This helps to provide users with optimal sleep. Sofzsleep's Trilogy is a mattress that has two personalized firmness levels, which provides users with their preferred level firmness.

Best Known For: Latex Mattresses

Trial And Warranty10-year limited warranty




Close-up photo of the mattress
Hevaya’s Natural Organic Latex Mattress I at


Heveya is a bedding store that also offers in-house ​​organic latex mattresses. Singapore eco-friendly sleepers that have specific sleeping preferences would love this brand. Organic latex provides for great breathability and is naturally hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin. The mattress also conforms to the body’s 7-zone shape for optimal spine support. 

For co-sleepers with varying firmness preferences, Heveya can also customize mattresses with varying firmness on both sides. Sizes range from the usual queen and king-size beds in Singapore, to fully customized bed sizes.

 Best Known For: organic latex mattresses

 Trial And Warranty: 100-night free trial and 10-year limited warranty


Winter Sleep


winter mattress
Wintersleeps’ Winter® Mattress At


Studies show that we gain more quality sleep in cooler temperatures. As the name suggests, Winter Sleep utilizes Swiss technology to produce mattresses that are 8°C cooler than the ones on the market - a godsend for Singaporeans. Its 6-layer hybrid mattresses also boast of Memory Cloud Latex, great for spinal support and help in joint pain relief.

Best Known For: 6-layer cool hybrid mattresses. 

Trial And Warranty: 120-night free trial and 15-year warranty


Sigmund Home


Close-up photo of the hybrid Mattress
Sigmund Home’s Hybrid Mattress at


Sigmund Home offers hybrid triple-layer mattresses that will keep things cool. The mattress comprises of breathable memory foam, technology to disperse heat and pressure, topped with TENCEL™ fabric which feels cooler than cotton. The combination of the three provides excellent spinal support while relieving pressure from high-stress areas during the night such as the back and the neck. People who cannot sleep with restless partners can now do so with the mattress’ ability to absorb movement. 

Best Known for: triple-layer hybrid mattresses

Trial and Warranty: 120-night free trial and 15-year warranty


Mattress Protection - An Essential


The best mattress brand in Singapore is up to you, but with the amount of money you’ve invested in it, this could definitely use a mattress protector. Singapore sleepers do well with a lyocell waterproof mattress protector. Not only is it breathable and kind to all skin types, but it also extends your mattress’s usable life through added protection - from spilled coffee to kids’ nighttime accidents. 


bedding with warm tones
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