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9 Types Of Pillow Cases Based On Design And Material

9 Types Of Pillow Cases Based On Design And Material
Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Pillow Cases in Sand Taupe
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Pillow Cases in Sand Taupe

Some people may leave pillowcases as an afterthought when it comes to
buying bedding or bedroom essentials in general. But they actually serve important functions and come in different types.

A high-quality pillowcase not only provides aesthetics to your bedroom, but also offers comfort and protection - both to the pillow and your skin. After all, it’s where you’ll lay your cheeks the entire time you’re asleep.

There are several varieties of pillowcases available in the market. However, because it is based on comfort, the choice varies from person to person. That is why it is essential to understand the different kinds of pillowcases and their functions.

What Is A Pillow Case?

Pillowcases (also known as pillowcase protectors) complement bed linen by adding utility and comfort. They not only protect pillows from stains, grime, dust, and face oils, but they also offer a soothing and appealing touch. We as a society like nothing more than snuggling up to a soft cushion to feel comfortable and soothed while waiting for our senses to wind down.

Types Of Pillow Cases By Design

The look of your pillowcase will help upgrade the overall look of your room. Find out the differences between types of pillowcase in Singapore based on their shape or design. 

Bag Pillow Cases

Bedroom with bag pillow cases
Image by Tim Samuel from Pexels

These are most typically used by
hotels as well as other hospitality establishments. Bags have a one-sided opening for inserting the cushion, but no inside flap to hold the pillow in place. To keep the opening flap in place, hotels frequently fold it beneath the pillow. 

While still predominantly popular in hotels, bag pillowcases are getting more popular in the home market and are increasingly being included in bedding sets.

Housewife Pillow Cases

Bedroom with housewife pillowcase type
Image by Castorly Stock from Pexels

The most common form of pillowcase is the housewife. One side is sewed shut, while the other features a large hole for placing your cushion. 

In this design, the pillow fits tightly and an interior piece of cloth on the open end holds it within the pillowcase. This is the market's most readily available and reasonably priced pillowcase.

If you’re wondering why it’s named as such, it is in honor of the Housewives Co-operative in Manchester. They altered a conventional pillowcase in the 1880s to incorporate an interior flap at the end, which kept the pillowcase in position.

Oxford Pillow Cases

Oxford pillowcases
Image by MaxVakhtbovych from Pexels

These were originally made from Oxford cloth, which is notable for being light, shiny, and soft. Oxford types have a two-inch-wide fabric border around the whole perimeter and are more decorative than housewife pillowcases. 

Sometimes, the opening is designed elegantly covered by a flap in an envelope-style, similar to an envelope pillowcase. Oxford pillowcases can be used as primary pillows, but many people use them as ornamental shams for their mattresses.

Types Of Pillow Cases By Material Used

There are a few fabric choices when selecting the best pillow Singapore has to offer. Each textile is characterized by its distinct texture, quality, and look. 

Polyester Pillow Cases

Polyester Pillow Cases with cute designs
Image by Cats Coming from Pexels

This synthetic material is a budget-friendly option for pillowcases. It's
wrinkle-free and lightweight. Some are spun to look like cotton and are firmly woven into microfibers, whereas others have a silky touch. However, polyester can get hot, capturing your body heat and keeping you warm at night.

Cotton Pillow Cases

Weavve’s Cotton Pillow Case Pair in Sandshell
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Pillow Case Pair in Sandshell

Cotton is a natural, long-lasting, and soft fabric. Because it is breathable, it will
keep you cool and dry in summer and cozy in the winter. 

Cotton pillow cases come in different varieties of cotton such as Organic, Egyptian, Pima, and Upland cotton. Pure cotton pillowcases are considered opulent and relatively simple to care for by many, but they are more expensive than synthetic fabrics.

TENCEL™ Pillow Cases

Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Pillow Case Pair in Sky Blue
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Pillow Case Pair in Sky Blue

TENCEL™ is a cloth composed of viscose, mainly from eucalyptus trees. A
TENCEL™ pillowcase has a delicate, light feel that is akin to cotton. A TENCEL™ pillow casing is also well-known for its moisture-wicking capabilities, making it an excellent choice for hot sleepers who value breathability. 

Flannel Pillow Cases

Flannel fabric
Image by Mariah Green from Pexels

Since flannel is cozy and soft, many people look forward to winter so they can put flannel sheets on their beds. However, that warmth may be excessive for some sleepers, causing their heads to sweat at night. Flannel may also cause frizzy knots in long hair. Follow the washing instructions to avoid damage.

Satin Pillow Cases

White satin fabric
Image by Marina Leonova from Pexels

Satin pillowcases are made of synthetic fiber but are treated to have the appearance of silk. Many people enjoy sleeping on the soft,
cool fabric, and according to some bedding professionals, satin pillowcases can help smooth out messy hair. It may also help to prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

Silk Pillow Cases

Weavve Home Silk Pillows
Featuring Weavve’s Silk Pillows

Silk pillowcases provide a number of the same features as satin, including the ability to decrease frizz and face wrinkles and to be cool on the skin. 

Being a natural textile, silk provides a nicer texture for your skin at sleep than satin. However, it can also be more expensive yet less sustainable as compared to TENCEL™ and other options. 

Pillow Case Vs Pillow Sham: What’s The Difference?

Most people are unaware that there is a distinction between pillow cases and pillow shams, and the fitting, feel, design, and texture may alter the appearance of your bedding.

Pillow shams, also known as shams or bed shams, are fancy pillow covers that transform standard-sized pillows into bed and home decoration. While they are identical to standard coverings, they frequently feature a more ornate front and an opening in the back instead of at the end. 

Simply said, a pillow case keeps your pillow clean while you rest, but a pillow sham protects it with a more attractive facade.

How To Choose A Pillow Case

Choosing the best pillow case in Singapore and properly maintaining it will not only prolong the lifespan of the material but can also help you enjoy a better night's sleep. Note that it still boils down to your preferences so consider those when shopping for new pillow coverings.

Fabric Of The Pillow Case

Close-up of Weavve’s Cotton Pillow Case in Midnight Blue
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Pillow Case in Midnight Blue

Pillowcases are made of a variety of materials, both synthetic and natural. When purchasing new sets, it is advisable to begin by selecting the right pillowcase fabrics. 

We recommend buying a high-quality all-natural fabric as the finest possible option of pillow case material that provides both excellent sleep and long-lasting softness. 

If budget is a matter of concern, opt for cotton sets as they are regarded as being comfortable and breathable. They can usually offer a luxurious feel at a low cost. Polyester and microfiber are other cheaper and wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Choose a linen pillow case or silk for a more opulent feel.

For those who are eco-conscious, a bamboo pillow case or TENCEL™ pillow covering is the way to go. Both are also ideal for side sleepers.

Size Of The Pillow Case

Weavve’s Cotton Pillow Case Pair in Cloud White
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Pillow Case Pair in Cloud White

After you've decided on the material for your pillow casing, consider the correct size. The Euro pillow is squared, normally 26 inches by 26 inches. They are taller and often put up against the headboard while making the bed. 

The Standard pillow is a 20-inch-by-26-inch rectangle pillow that is suited for twin, full, and queen beds. The King cushion, which is intended for king beds, is likewise 20 inches in height but 36 inches long. Finally, the Boudoir pillow is much smaller and is frequently used for neck support or aesthetic reasons.

Shams And Closures

Now that you've decided on the size and fabric, it's time to think about the features. While pillowcases and shams both protect it, pillow case protectors are normally open on one side and have no extra fabric around the borders.  

But shams are usually sewn on all four sides, have an opening in the back, and are more commonly used for ornamental pillows like Euros or Boudoirs.

There are various sorts of closures both for shams and pillowcases. The latter often has a full or partial opening on one side for convenient access. Shams can be closed with ornate zippers, back fabric overlaps, or ties.


Shop Weavve’s Pillowcase Collection

TENCEL™ Pillow Cases

Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Pillow Cases in Mist Grey
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Pillow Cases in Mist Grey

Providing an exquisitely soft, gentle, and comforting feeling, our
TENCEL™ pillow casing is made from the best Lyocell fibers. The exceptionally luxurious, smooth, and ultra-breathable material makes it ideal for babies and those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Cotton Pillow Cases

Weavve’s Cotton Pillow Case Pair in Tea Rose
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Pillow Case Pair in Tea Rose

If you’re looking for something cool and comfortable to sleep on, you won’t go wrong with cotton. Our
cotton pillow case features 1/3 back envelope openings to keep the pillow snuggly fitted and avoid spillage.

Silk Pillows

Weavve’s Silk Pillows
Featuring Weavve’s Silk Pillows

Naturally hypoallergenic and thermal regulating, our
luxurious silk pillow filled with natural long-stranded silk floss is perfect for any weather and temperature. It’s the secret to getting beauty rest and creating that elegant vibe in your bedroom!


Here at Weavve, we pride ourselves on being committed to responsible sourcing, production, sale, and use of our products. We take a great effort in ensuring that our decisions account for all the people who help build our products, the environment, and our consumers. From Standard 100 by Oeko Tex® certified sheets to SEDEX certified factories, Weavve makes sure that everyone is cared for at every step of the way.

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