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Care Instructions


 How often to wash your sheets and other bedding care questions answered 

A run through the wash, a spin in the dryer, 

remake the bed and (voila!) you’re finished. 

Laundering your sheets seems simple enough. 

 While that may appear to get the job done, 

there’s actually a bit more to proper bedding care. 

 So, we’ll let you in on our tips and tricks. 

How Often to Change Sheets?

We spend almost a third of our lives on our bedding, leaving behind sweat, body oil, and dead skin cells every night. 

To keep dust mites and other allergens at bay, sheets should be changed at least once every other week. 

“Keep multiple sets of sheets available and alternate between sets to maintain that clean, fresh feeling in your beds.”

Washing and Drying Sheets 101

Pre-Care Tip: Always wash new sheets before using. 

Fresh out of their package, our sheets may appear crisp, clean, and neatly folded. 

But new bedding can sometimes feel scratchy if not washed before it’s used for the first time. 

As fine fabrics are generally not pre-washed, this first wash is important for removing stray fibres, 

softening the sheet, preserving the beauty and prolonging its life.  

“Psst! Be sure to fully unfold and machine wash using a cold or warm water cycleto prevent shrinkage.” 

Washing Tip #1: It’s always best to wash bedding in its own load, separate from other laundry. 

This gives the sheets more room to circulate in the water, which means they’ll be washed more thoroughly. 

Washing sheets alone also prevents damage caused by zippers and other fasteners, 

and reduces the amount of piling that can happen over time. 

“Always wash natural fibres and white on their own and do not overload the machine.” 

Washing Tip #2: Avoid using high temperatures and use a gentle wash and spin cycle. 

Depending on label instructions, choose a cold (30ºC) or warm (40 ºC) water cycle. 

You’ll want to avoid both the heavy-duty cycle and extra hot water, 

as they will only damage and break down the fibres. 

“When in doubt, follow the care instructions on the label before laundering.” 

Washing Tip #3: Use a gentle detergent and skip the bleach to prevent discolouration. 

Continued use of detergents containing whiteners, bleach, and optical brightenersor alkalis 

can change the colour or weaken cotton fibres over time. 

Also, you’ll want to avoid using a fabric softener as it can leave a residue on your sheets 

that will cause them to lose their luxurious feel and sheen faster. 

“Weavve sheets soften naturally with usage, water and washing. With regular use, you will experience a softness unlike any.” 

After-Care Tip: To prevent creasing, remove your sheets immediately from the washing machine. 

Natural fibres will wrinkle, but there are steps you can take while drying to minimise wrinkling. 

The best way to prevent these creases from forming is to take the sheetsout of the washing machine as soon as it has finished. 

“The longer the bedding is left scrunched up, the more creases it’s likely to get.” 

Drying Tip #1: Line dry your bedding in soft, outdoor sunlight. 

Line-drying is the way to go if you want to keep your bedding as fresh as possible. 

This method is the gentlest and doesn’t weaken the fibres. 

Do not tumble dry your Weavve sheets ait increases wear and tear of the fabric. 

“Sunshine is a natural disinfectant and helps brighten whites!” 

After that, for some of us, the care process is finished – and all there’s left to do is sleep on them! 

Do I Need to Iron My Sheets?

We promise our sheets will feel amazing if ironed but it isn’t necessary. 

If you want to bring that pristine hotel look home, it’s worth going the extra mile! 

The best time to iron is when the bedding is slightly damp. 

For cotton bedding, we recommend ironing with medium heat, and for Tencel bedding, low heat. 

The trick with fitted sheets is to iron them on the bed using an extension socket for those hard to reach corners. 

"Do be careful if you have a polyester topper or mattress as it might stick, so test a small area first to be on the safe side."

Storing Your Weavve Sheets

Keep freshly laundered bedding in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space away from direct sunlight.

"For a little something extra, spritz them with our Sleep Spray."

And the last biggie, 

please don’t dry clean your Weavve bedding! 

This is a chemical process and can cause irreversible damage. 

Caring for your Weavve bedding isn’t tricky, we promise! 

But give it a little extra TLC and you’ll be rewarded with a sumptuous snooze spot that’ll be a dream to dive in, night after night. 

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, browse our full range of soft, luscious sheets here. 

For guidance on how to keep your Weavve sheets looking, and feeling its best, 

all of our products have a care label attached, plus this handy list of tips should answer your key bedding care questions. 

If you have any specific queries or concerns, please get in touchWe love to have a good chat about bedding!