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Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set
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1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Duvet Cover and 2 Pillow Cases

Signature TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet Set
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1 Fitted Sheet and 2 Pillow Cases

Cotton Classic Set
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1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Duvet Cover and 2 Pillow Cases

Everyday TENCEL™ Classic Set
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1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Duvet Cover and 2 Pillow Cases

Cotton Fitted Sheet Set
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1 Fitted Sheet and 2 Pillow Cases

Everyday TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet Set
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1 Fitted Sheet and 2 Pillow Cases

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The Gift of Perfect Sleep
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1 TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet, 1 TENCEL™ Duvet Cover, 2 TENCEL™ Pillowcases, 1 Duvet and 1 Mattress Protector

"The lyocell material has such a smooth touch and sits at a nice cool temperature.

Best of all, it does not pill after wash, like some Tencel materials — absolute joy."
Madeleine P.
Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set - Midnight Blue

“I love the bedsheets so much - it’s smooth, cooling and very very comfy.

A great investment and definitely not my last purchase :)"
Nur Z.
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How Big Is A Super Single Size Bed?

A Super Single Bed measures 107 centimetres wide and 190 centimetres long. Check out the bed size guide below for a more detailed comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions: Super Single Bed Sheets

What Is A Super Single Bed Size?

A Super Single Bed size measures at least 42 inches wide and 75 inches long (107 cm x 190 cm), and it is at least 6 inches (an additional 20% increase of the total surface area) wider than your standard Single Bed. If your room is spacious enough, opting for this mattress size might be an excellent choice for you.

Suitable For: 1 Adult / 1 Child The Super Single Mattress Size is generally more popular in Singapore as it offers slightly more luxurious spacing as compared to Single-sized.

What Is The Difference Between A Single And Super Single Bed?

A Single Bed typically has a dimension of 36 inches wide by 75 inches long (90 cm x 190 cm), making it an ideal choice for children and single adults as it is only intended to be used by one person. Due to its smaller width and length, it is common in dorm rooms and spaces where more than one mattress is in place.

On the other hand, although a Super Single Bed is also often designed for one sleeper, it can easily accommodate two individuals. Apart from the difference in width, it provides more space and comfort than a Single Size Mattress.

What Size Sheets For A Super Single Bed?

The size of sheets for a super single bed can vary depending on where you live. In Singapore, the standard size for a Super Single Bed is typically 107 cm in width and 190 cm in length.

The golden rule is to match the mattress and bed linen sizing. So if you have a Super Single Mattress, you should buy Super Single Fitted Bed Sheets measuring 107 cm x 200 cm x 40 cm (width x length x depth).

What Is A Super Single Bedsheet?

Super Single Sheets are designed to fit a Super Single Bed that is 107 cm wide and 190 cm long. Super Single Fitted Sheets in Singapore typically measure 107 cm wide, 200 cm long, and 40 cm deep.

What Is Bigger Than Super Single?

If you’re looking for sizes wider than Super Single Bed Linen, opt for Queen or King Bedding. Queen Bedsheets are wider by 45 cm while the latter has a 76 cm difference in width.

Meanwhile, California King and Super King are bigger crosswise and lengthwise. Cal King Sheets measure 183 cm x 213 cm x 43 cm whereas Super King Sheets have dimensions of 201 cm x 201 cm x 40 cm. We provide a detailed comparison between King vs Super King vs California King in this blog post. 

What Is The Size Difference Between Super Single And Queen?

Both have the same length, but Queen Sheets are wider than Super Single Sizes by 45 cm. The former can fit two people and is made to fit a Queen-Sized Bed, while Super Single Sheets are designed for a single adult. 

Can 2 People Fit In Super Single?

Ideally, only one adult person can accommodate a Super Single Bed. There’s even some extra space to spare for additional pillows. But it is also possible to fit two adults or one adult and one kid if they are willing to sleep in close proximity. It might be a bit uncomfortable given the limited space available.

Should I Buy Single Or Super Single?

Opting for a Super Single Bed Sheet Set is a smart choice for most adults, especially for those who tend to move around while sleeping. Using a Single Bedding may prove uncomfortable for individuals with larger frames, and may hinder them from obtaining the necessary rest. However, it is very much suitable for kids and solo adults who don't require too much space crosswise.

Where To Buy Super Single Bed Sheets Singapore?

You can find a variety of fitted bed sheets and bedding sets that come in different sizes. At Weavve Home, we bring high-quality luxury bed sheets and other home essentials to make your living space as comfortable as it can be. We offer promo discounts, rewards, free shipping and even returns/exchanges in the event of product defects.

We also carry sizes from Single, Super Single, up to California King.

About Weavve's Super Single Bed Sheets

With dimensions measuring 107 cm × 200 cm × 40 cm for fitted sheets, our Super Single Fitted Bed Sheets are crafted with care to accommodate mattress size-types like Super Single, Twin, and even Twin XL. You can get them in sets or separately - in the form of fitted sheets, duvet covers, flat sheets, pillow cases, and more. 

Shop Super King Bed Sheets online available in silky smooth TENCEL™ or buttery soft Cotton.

Head on over to our bedding size guide to find out more.

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