[Part 4/6] Staying Positive During CB: A Chat With Jim Ng

[Part 4/6] Staying Positive During CB: A Chat With Jim Ng

As the outbreak spreads globally at such a rapid pace, the impact it has caused are felt by all businesses - be it large or small. CB measures such as no large-scale social gatherings and the closure of non-essential service providers have undeniably caused much economic fallout. Hence, businesses have to find new ways to branch out to their customers and clients as they are all staying at home.

Although we are currently living in the digital age, not all of us know how to make full use of technology to value-add to our lives. For many businesses, this is a prime time for them to alter their standard marketing practices and build an online presence. In this week’s interview we have Jim to share with us about his digital marketing agency, Best SEO Singapore, and how his business has transformed ever since the outbreak. 

Best SEO Singapore Jim Ng

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Hi Jim, can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Hi, my name is Jim Ng, I currently operate a digital marketing agency that specializes in service-based businesses. I am passionate about digital marketing and during my downtime, I spend them by watching tutorial videos on YouTube on how to market products. I also love watching Netflix with my family during the weekends!


How is a typical day different now from before the outbreak? 

While most people have expressed a drastic difference in their daily lives, it has been pretty much the same for me. Businesses from all over the world are facing a huge downturn, but fortunately for me, my digital marketing agency has been receiving a lot more enquiries as compared to before the outbreak. People have been enquiring more on how to grow their businesses digitally and work has been smooth-running for me which is good news. I count myself extremely lucky to be in this position.


How are you coping with the outbreak? What are some challenges that you’re facing in a time like this?

The outbreak definitely made my family and I feel a little cooped up at home as we can't go out anymore. That does have a negative psychological impact on our well-being as we are not able to head out during the weekends like we usually do, to have a breather after a long week at work.

However, these are just small challenges as compared to what our front-line workers are going through.


Can you tell us what has been 1 positive thing that you’ve noticed during this outbreak?

After weeks of scrambling to adjust to new rules and laws, it is heartening to see people from all walks of life coming together to rally support for local businesses who are facing challenges in this tough period.

One positive thing I have noticed is that many traditional companies are now taking the step forward and embracing digital. Business owners are all trying to do their best to adapt which may include shifting their business online to continue serving customers. I’m so grateful that my role allows me to help quite a number of businesses accelerate their transition online. They’ve been able to shift quickly and continue their businesses even with some of the restrictions.


With the circuit breaker measures in place, many have to change the way they work and live. Can you share with us what are some positive new norms that you’ve developed during this period?

During the SARS outbreak in 2003, we didn’t have the luxury of a robust internet infrastructure that could effectively facilitate remote working for millions. As a service provider in the digital industry, my job is to help companies and businesses accelerate their transition online. Hosting virtual meetings is one of the new norms for me, this experience has allowed me to identify creative ways in which I can share information and ideas to other business owners.

The best time to bring a business online is earlier than later, as people are consuming more and more content digitally. This doesn’t only help the business in its present state, but in the long run as well. By doing so, businesses will be able to reach out to new customers and to maintain more frequent dialogues with existing customers through digital channels.

The fastest way to get started is to claim Google My Business. Next, a simple, functional website would set a great foundation. Aside from that, social media profiles and content on Facebook and Instagram among others will also help the business connect with their audiences. 

Weavve with Jim Ng

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What else keeps you going in a tough time like now? Any advice to share with others on how to stay positive in this tough period?

Although it might be tough for us, we really shouldn’t be complaining. Our front-liners are the ones who are sacrificing and all we have to do is to stay at home. We should be appreciative and count ourselves extremely fortunate.

Staying at home has its perks as well. I am able to spend more time with my family and have our meals together more often than before. Every cloud has a silver lining – no matter how bad a situation might seem, there is always some good aspect to it.

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