[Part 3/6] Staying Positive During CB: A Chat With Dimple

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Lockdown Life of a Tutor in London

This is the 3rd article in our series. Read our previous interviews with Sharon Ismail (Part 1) and Roberto Galleti (Part 2).

April, 7, 2020 is the first day Singapore went into CB mode, two weeks after the United Kingdom was put into lockdown. We’re in the midst of a worldwide outbreak, with cities and entire countries shutting down. The hashtag #StayHomeSaveLives has been widely circulated on social media to encourage people to follow these restrictions. But amid all the worrying news, it’s important to take a breath and remember that we’re all in this together. 

For many people, the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak is the hardest thing to handle. In this interview, we spoke to Dimple, a NHS Apprenticeship Tutor, to find out how her life in London has changed since and how she copes with the unique disruptions caused by the outbreak. 

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Hi Dimple, can you tell us a little more about yourself?

My name is Dimple and I live in London with my husband. I work as an Apprenticeship Tutor for the NHS and I totally love my job! Outside of work, I like experimenting with food, trying new recipes and entertaining my friends and family -  I am big on having dinner parties! In the past year, I have started to live a more sustainable lifestyle. From this, I have developed an interest in up-cycling and have completed a few successful projects.

How is a typical day different now from before the outbreak? What are some challenges that you’re facing in a time like this?

The outbreak has had an effect on my work life. I have been working from home for the last 5 weeks - this means that I am unable to have face to face sessions with my learners. My sessions are now remote and the majority of my learners are young people who are new to working life. As such, I feel that I am not able to fully support them over video/ telephone calls as I normally would in person. Another big impact is on family life, we have not been able to visit our family, who are elderly and more at risk, as we do our part to practice social distancing. Normally our weekends involve visiting and spending time with family and friends. The situation in London is very unclear to some people, I have seen groups of people out and about and in parks not thinking about social distancing at all.

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Can you tell us what has been 1 positive thing that you’ve noticed during this outbreak?

With restaurants, theatres, sporting events and social activities shut down across the United Kingdom, the increased amount of time at home shows that creative energy and community can still flourish in such a crisis. I have noticed that many people are taking to social media to share their interests in cooking, woodworking, poetry, knitting and gardening. It’s been enlightening to see how quickly some have adapted, even in the most uncomfortable circumstances. These efforts and displays are more than welcomed — and needed — as we continue to tide over this crisis together.

With the lockdown in place, many have to change the way they work and live. Can you share with us what are the 2 positive new norms/habits that you’ve developed during this period?

As for everything in life, there are a few good things to come out of these challenging times too. 

We have been able to enjoy our home more - spending time in the garden, making the improvements that we have previously delayed, getting those 'i'll do it next week' things done and enjoying every bit in completing them. Besides that, I also made changes for a healthier lifestyle: jogging once a day, morning yoga sessions, as well as eating three meals a day which have been cooked from scratch. This is a great way of doing things as a team with my husband and this allows us to have more patience for each other. In addition, I have become more conscious about food.  Now, I buy only the things I need and use up items that I already have - whereas before I would be going to the supermarket every other day.

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What else keeps you going in a tough time like now? Any advice to share with others on how to stay positive in this tough period?

I am grateful that my loved ones are healthy and I am staying mentally positive throughout these times. Even during lockdown there are still many small moments to appreciate, like the smell of my morning coffee, the sun on my face through the kitchen window.  When I stop to take in these moments, rather than let them rush by on automatic pilot, I give my mind a chance to process these little pleasures, which help me to elevate my mood and bring a smile to my face.

As you have bought our sheets before, can you describe Weavve sheets in one sentence.

It feels like I am getting into fresh sheets every night. Sleep has always been very important to me, not just for my physical health, but also for my mental well being. After a good night's sleep I am ready for my day ahead with a positive mindset.

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