Bed Sheets

What Your Bedsheet Colour Says About You: A Guide

Different bedsheet colours

Your bed gets up close and personal with you in your most vulnerable state - in sleep. As such, it pays to put much thought and effort into every detail: from the room paint, the fluff of the pillows, down to the colour of the bed sheets

Knowingly or otherwise, hues play a big role in setting our mood. Colour psychology looks into how they can influence what we do and how we think. What better way to set yourself up for success each day than to see your favourite colours as you sleep and as you wake up?

Different bedsheet colours
Featuring Weavve’s Bedlinen Collection In Various Colours

Tint also plays an important role in the overall aesthetic of a room. With the bed as a focal point, how it is styled will determine not only how we look and feel, but also how the space operates as a whole. Choosing lighter palettes can make a room feel bigger, while darker shades would bring more emphasis to your bed, which is not a bad thing either.

Find out what your bedsheet colour says about you, and how to mix and match these combinations perfect for your personality.


They are low in intensity or saturation, but not in usefulness. As the underlying base of more complex hues, neutrals are highly flexible. These muted shades are a crowd favourite as is, or complemented with other standout colours.

White Bed Sheets

Woman fixing white bed sheets
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Classic Set In Cloud White

Crisp, white fabrics are the gold standard for cleanliness. This is the primary reason why they are commonly used as hotel bedding and in other establishments where hygiene is of big importance. 

If you love white cotton bed sheets, you probably find great joy in being neat and organised. You take a no-nonsense approach to problems and are willing to put in the dirty work for sparkling results. 

While a clean tint helps clear your mind from the clutter of a busy day, beware of stains and imperfections because even the tiniest ones are easy to spot. 

Beige Bed Sheets

Woman sitting on beige bed while sipping coffee
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set In Sand Taupe

Light brown or beige lends the same cleanliness and versatility. Another thing that adds to their charm is the warm earthy tones which make for a more calm, relaxed vibe. Most stains and signs of ageing are close to beige as well, making this shade a practical choice for everyday use. 

Beige lovers value order and structure but are also adaptive and live by the “go with the flow” mantra. When the unexpected hits, you are more likely to roll with the punches. You also prefer to blend in the background than attract attention to yourself.  

Many people also have a soft spot for taupe, which has a fair mix of brown and grey. If you’re one of them, you can be considered an all-natural, aesthetic icon. You want your things to be of uniform shade and take pleasure in slow mornings while sipping your brewed coffee.

Light Grey Bed Sheets

Woman reading book while sitting on ligh grey bed
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set In Mist Grey

Where beige is warm, light grey fabrics are cool. Grey’s lingering dark undertones might also lend an aloof, mysterious persona. Grey-themed beds would likely belong to people who like keeping to themselves. 

You’re one to snuggle in bed on a rainy day, would opt to stay in than go out, and never give everything away. Your bedroom is your personal space for alone time, which you hold dear. 

Bright Tones

Bright colours are light yet impactful shades which catch your attention at a glance. Perfect to add oomph to accent pieces, liven up your space by opting for brighter tones for your bedding.

Red Sheets

Red bedding
Image By Karolina Grabowska From Pexels

Red is rife with meaning, from the eastern connotation of happiness and good luck to its western perception of passion, romance, vibrancy, and ambition. It reveals a strong and inspired persona, never letting anyone or anything stop you. You never do anything halfway - you’re either 100% in it, or you just let something go.

Orange Sheets

Orange bedsheets
Image By Karolina Grabowska From Pexels

Orange evokes a similar mood to red but is geared towards a younger, more playful crowd. It is commonly perceived as an energetic colour with the ability to catch someone's attention and get him moving. 

If orange strikes your fancy, you are friendly, active, and young at heart. You keep yourself up to date with new trends and technologies and enjoy trying new things.

Yellow Sheets

Yellow sheets
Image By Диана Дунаева From Pexels

The colour of light and sunshine of a new day, yellow best captures the spirit of positivity. A study even shows that countries that live nearer to the equator are more likely to associate yellow with joy - very fitting for sunny Singapore. 

If you’re more inclined towards yellow, you’re the type who always sees the bright side of things. Your room reflects your positive energy and puts you back in a good mood even if things don’t go your way. 

Full Spectrum

Full spectrum creates a different mood through varying shades and hues. Mix and match related shades for a room with a classy monochromatic colour scheme, or go for colourful bed sheets by combining different hues. 

Pink Bed Sheets

Girl doing makeup beside pink bed
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Deluxe Set In Blush Pink

Pink is a fun, playful, and romantic colour. Baby pink especially exudes a calm and gentle aura, while brighter shades present a flirty vibe for strong, empowered individuals.

Pink bed owners have a radiant glow that shows in the spring in their step. Sentimental and sweet, you love showering your friends with thoughtful presents and are also appreciative of others.

Blue Bed Sheets

Girl lying on blue bed sheets
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set In Sky Blue

Whether sky blue or dark blue, this is an excellent choice to bring a calm, peaceful vibe to your room. If you have a blue-themed room, you are a trustworthy person with strong self-discipline. 

You pause to understand a situation and discern how best to respond. You are the friend everyone can count on to show up, understand, and be consistent.  

Green Bed Sheets

Girl exercising beside green-themed bed
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Deluxe Set In Fern Green

Green captures the growth found in nature and wealth while also being a calming presence. Combining the brightness of yellow with the serenity of blue, your preference for green reflects your balanced disposition. 

You are ambitious yet grounded, persevering yet content. You find joy in personal development. From mint green to dark green, you aspire for your room to be a haven and a venue for new ideas. 

Light Purple Bed Sheets

Girl organizing vase while sitting on puple bed
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set In Lilac Mauve

Purple brings a touch of artistry to a room. Lighter shades are calm and playful, while darker shades bring about a moodier, almost mystical aura. Moreover, as the colour of royalty, purple also inspires. 

Those who love purple are ambitious dreamers with the creativity to dream big and the drive to succeed. People are drawn to your intuition, charisma, and imagination.

Dark Hues

Darkness may always seem heavy, but it actually elicits power. If you want a more sophisticated appeal while conveying strength, this shade will deliver the job. 

Black Bed Sheets

Black bedsheets
Image By Skylar Kang From Pexels

Black is the epitome of sophistication, ambition, and power. For any type of fabric, it is a practical choice as stains would be nonexistent, making for less frequent trips to the wash. Those who prefer such a shade are fierce, hardworking, and disciplined. 

You are a natural-born leader and don’t mind coming off as intense as long as it gets things done. You are also a creature of habit - once something has been decided on, there’s no changing your mind. 

Slate Grey Bed Sheets

Woman sleeping on slate grey sheets
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set In Slate Grey

Once you enter a dark grey-themed room, expect mystery to instantly fill the mood. Given your enigmatic personality, you tend to draw in everyone’s attention without even trying.

You’re chic and cool and everyone wants a piece of you but the thing is, they’d have to jump through hoops to be able to crack the code. You are not exactly an open book and may even be an impossible puzzle to some. But that is what’s keeping everyone interested and yearning for more. 

How To Find The Colour Of Bedding That Fits You Best

Know Your Preferences And Your Desired Purpose

Woman and dog on white bed
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Deluxe Set In Cloud White

Take inspiration from your preferences and values. Is your room a place to rest, or a place to get inspired? What hues best communicate how you feel? This will help you decide the energy you wish your room to exude through colours. 

Pick A Theme

Woman relaxing on bed with blu sheets
Featuring Weavve’s Signature TENCEL™ Classic Set In Midnight Blue

Decide on a unifying theme for your room to make sure everything will mesh well together. White walls make any theme possible, but if the surrounding is painted deep blue or pink, choose your colours wisely. Also, decide on which elements would blend well. Would your bedlinen and pillow colour be the same, or would you prefer more contrast per element?

Analyse The Material

Lady reading on bed with light brown sheets
Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Classic Set In Sandshell

Invest in a quality and well-designed set you don’t mind seeing for a long time. Cream brown fits the bill perfectly in pairing with all types of bed colours. Just keep in mind that hues might register differently depending on the type of fabric used. Smoother fabrics such as silk or TENCEL™ may show vibrant tones as opposed to muted colours in linen or cotton

Moreover, consider bedding care requirements. How often do you plan to wash them? While the standard usage period of sheets is around 1-2 weeks, your white ones would need more frequent washes than their black counterparts as stains would be more apparent on the former. 

However, the latter are more prone to colour fading and runs, which can diminish their usefulness in the long term.

Choose A Colour Palette

Different cotton bedsheet colours
Featuring Weavve's Cotton Bedlinen Collection In Different Colours

For those looking for a timeless room setup, going for one colour is best. For less redundancy and more depth, try layering with lighter or darker shades for a monochromatic hue, like red and pink, or grey and white. 

For the more adventurous, try putting two contrasting colours together like pink and green, or go even further with a multi-colour bedsheet. But best to keep this type of impact minimal to remain stylish.

Try Using Patterns

Girl walking around bedroom with patterned sheets
Featuring Weavve Home x SCENE SHANG In Jade Blossoms

Having a hard time narrowing down your options? Patterned sheets are a great way to introduce colour in small doses. Simple prints such as stripes and dots can refresh your bed’s plain look without much effort. But for a neutral room, floral or abstract patterns can put your bed front and centre.

Embroidery on pillow
Featuring Weavve’s Personalised Embroidery In Laurel Monogram

If you want subtle patterns that look elegant with a personal touch, customised embroidery will always do the trick. The bonus part? No one else can claim it as theirs with your name inscribed on the pillowcase. You may hand craft it yourself or look for a store that offers it as an add-on.


From colour combinations to patterns, choosing the right bed sheet colour can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Weavve offers quality bedlinen in a variety of shades for a comfortable and beautiful space you can proudly call your own.