Turning a House into a Home: A Chat with Eric Tan, Co-Founder of Vortrell

An Interview with Eric Tan, Co-Founder of Vortrell Singapore

Turning a House into a Home 

A Chat with Eric Tan, Co-Founder of Vortrell 

Last week, we had the pleasure to have a chat with Eric Tan, co-founder of Vortrell at his newly launched showroom at Northstar.  

The first thing that struck us was a showroom like no other - homely, classy, and clearly demonstrated Eric’s passion in home design. With thoughtfully placed modern furnishing and lighting, accompanied with soft acoustics in the background, it was designed to present the perfect union of form and function.


Eric co-started Vortrell to help homeowners create and achieve their dream homes without the hefty price tag. This includes a holistic experience of professional interior consulting to affordable designer furniture and customisable lighting services. 

It was precisely this story and vision that inspired and jump started the collaboration between Vortrell and Weavve, with the similar values and goals we share. 

Eric has always understood the power of having a comfortable home, and like Weavve, believes that this should be an attainable goal for everyone  – To create a living space that transcends a physical area, one that you can retreat to everyday to relax, wind down, and be yourself. A safe haven that’s not only easy on the eyes but also encourages comfortable rest and restoration.  

Ultimately, we both share the vision of wanting to bring quality and luxurious products, together with an experience that will empower everyone to enjoy their homes more, and live better.  

In this interview, read about Eric’s journey in building Vortrell, his design philosophy and the concept behind his design for our soft launch event space.  

An Interview with Eric Tan, Co-Founder of Vortrell Singapore

Daniel Tan (DT): Tell us about Vortrell’s vision.

Eric Tan (ET): I felt in my heart that there is a calling and a burden to allow more people to afford good design - and that good design should be affordable. I believe that in Vortrell we uphold a standard with everything that comes through us - professional service and really good designers who know their stuff very well.

It (process) first starts off by listening to our clients to craft out a storyline. We work around this concept and eventually every home has a very customized design tailored to them.  

In this process, we become sensitive to how the space is programmed, so we know how people will move in the space and what they will respond and react to first - and how they will experience the space in their daily life. 


DT: Why did Vortrell decide to collaborate with Weavve?

ET: Weavve’s idea was to improve lifestyle as well. As for Vortrell, we too believe in improving people’s daily lifestyle through crafting a good home for them.

So with that (in mind), I feel we’re pretty much aligned and I decided why don’t we collaborate together. 


 Behind the Scenes Interview with Eric Tan, Co-Founder of Vortrell Singapore


DT: What is the design concept for Weavve’s soft launch?

ET: We’ve spent a long period of time doing R&D trying to come up with very refined products. I believe that life is made up of the small little things ­­­­­­­­that come together to finally become something great.

The design idea for Weavve is to create a setting for people that will enable them to experience the full potential of the bed sheets and the products itself, and how they can relate the products to what they can experience in their everyday lives.

We realized that there are certain things in the house that are already in place, for example carpentry work, arrangement of bed frames, etc. These are the things that we can make use of, and even the lighting there is pretty good. 


Vortrell SIngapore Home Interior Design and Furniture


To learn more about Vortrell's products and services, visit their website here.