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Towel Buying Guide: How To Choose Bath Towels

girl wrapped in Weavve Home's green bamboo towel
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When it comes to choosing towels, you've got plenty of options and factors to consider. We'll help simplify these for you.

Quick Tips
  • Note that each fibre type varies in texture, durability, and quick-drying eatures.
  • Consider the ideal towel weight.
  • Be familiar with towel constructions and designs as well.

Towels are an everyday essential that’s easily overlooked. However, choosing the right one can elevate your bathing experience and even add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

While selecting high-quality ones ultimately depends on personal preferences, there are common buying considerations that are helpful when buying. In this towel buying guide, we’ll explore how to choose bath towels that prioritise comfort, drying ability, and durability so you can find the perfect one for you.

girl wrapped in Weavve Home's green bamboo towel
Featuring Weavve’s Bamboo Bath Towel

Top 4 Bath Towel Materials

They are available in a wide range of materials, each with its qualities and benefits. Here are some of the best materials to consider when you want to buy bath towels:


Cotton is known for its softness and absorbency. Its fibres have an impressive water-holding capacity: they can hold water 24–27 times their own weight. It also comes in different variations, like Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton. It’s often blended with other fibres to create ultra-soft cotton towels with better quality.

woman holding white cotton towel
Featuring Weavve’s Silver Infused Cotton Towel

Love the feel of cotton and want it feeling fresh for longer? Choose cotton towels treated with antibacterial SILVERPLUS®. This agent helps get rid of up to 99% of odour-causing bacteria.


If you’re looking for an absorbent option that dries quickly, a microfibre towel may just be the one you need. It’s made from synthetic materials, like polyester, nylon, or rayon. It also has fine strands that create a super soft and velvety texture.

Besides being impressively absorbent and fast-drying, microfibre is lightweight, compact, and can even be antimicrobial. This is why it’s ideal for travel or trips to the gym.

close up of rolled grey towel
Image By Engin Akyurt From Pexels


Linen is made from flax plants. While it’s generally thinner than other materials, it’s highly absorbent, making it great not only for after-bath wraps but also for hand drying.

This material is also hypoallergenic, so it’s ideal for sensitive skin. Additionally, it exudes timeless elegance, so it’s perfect for you if you want a bath towel that feels luxurious. 


green folded towel on top of a white folded towelFeaturing Weavve’s Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels are made from sustainable bamboo plants. They’re soft, silky, absorbent, and breathable. Thanks to their antimicrobial properties, they’re also naturally resistant to odours and mildew. When comparing bamboo vs cotton towels, the former is designed to fight bacterial buildup better than regular cotton variants, unless they are treated with SILVERPLUS®. 

Overall, bamboo is an excellent option for those who are environmentally conscious or with sensitive skin.

Whether you prioritise softness, quick-drying capabilities, or environmental sustainability, there’s a material that meets your needs and personal preferences. Check out this comparison table to see the different towel materials based on their qualities and benefits:




  • Soft
  • Absorbent
  • Durable
  • Built to last
  • Excellent water-
    holding capacity
  • Available in
    different variants
    • Soft
    • Highly absorbent
    • Quick-drying
    • Lightweight
    • Compact
    • Antimicrobial
    • Ideal for travel
      or gym use


    • Absorbent
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Elicits luxury
      and elegance
    • Ideal for people
      with sensitive skin
    • Gets softer
      with each wash 


    • Soft
    • Silky
    • Absorbent
    • Breathable
    • Naturally antibacterial
      and odour-free
    • An eco-friendly choice
    • Suitable for
      sensitive skin

    Towel Buying Guide: Choosing The Ideal Towel Weight

    stack of folded white towels
    Image By ROMAN ODINTSOV From Pexels

    Towel weight refers to how thick and heavy a towel is. It’s measured using grams per square metre (GSM). Generally, a higher GSM is thicker and more absorbent. Here are the different weights and their characteristics:

  • Heavy Weight (600-900 GSM): If you want a luxurious, super soft fabric, go for heavy-weight towels. They’re thick, plush, and highly absorbent, giving you a spa-like experience. But since they’re thick, they may take longer to dry and may take more space in your luggage whenever you travel.

  • Most Common Towel Sizes And Towel Types To Consider

    Weavve Home's white silver infused cotton towel
    Featuring Weavve’s Folded Cotton Towel

    Towels come in different sizes and types to cater to different needs. If you’re wondering how to choose bath towels, you also need to understand what makes them distinct in terms from other sizes and types.

    Bath Sheet

    A bath sheet, also called a body towel, is the largest size available. It’s enough to cover your whole body and gives you an extra cosy and luxurious feeling. It’s also ideal for taller people.

    Bath Towel

    The bath towel is the regular-sized towel you’re likely most familiar with. It’s great for drying your body after bathing. It comes in different materials, weights, designs, and textures, so make sure to choose one that suits your needs.

    girl wrapped in white cotton towel
    Featuring Weavve’s Cotton Bath Towel

    Hand Towel

    This is used for drying your hands after washing them. It is usually placed near sinks in the bathroom or kitchen. This type also comes in different designs and colours, so go for something that matches the look and feel of your space.

    Tip Towel

    Also known as fingertip towels, these are bigger than washcloths but smaller than hand-sized ones. They’re often used for drying hands or placed on towel rails or countertops as decorative pieces.

    Washcloth / Face Towel

    face towel with beauty products
    Image By ROMAN ODINTSOV From Pexels

    Washcloths, also called face towels, are the smallest ones available. They’re commonly used for removing makeup, washing small areas of the body, or doing gentle exfoliation. Since they’re small, they’re quick to dry and easy to handle.

    Bath Mat

    While it’s technically not a towel, a bath mat is an essential bathroom accessory. It’s placed right in front of the tub or shower to keep the bathroom floor dry and prevent slips and falls.

    Towel sizes usually vary depending on the manufacturer or brand. But to give you an idea, here are the standard sizes of different types:



    Common Uses


    35 x 60 inches

    • Wrapping up after
      a shower or bath
    • Ideal for taller


    27 x 54 inches

    • Drying your body
      after bathing


    16 x 28 inches

    • Drying your hands
      after washing
    • Commonly placed
      near sinks


    12 x 18 inches

    • Drying your hands
    • Decorative use on towel
      rails or countertops


    12 x 12 inches

    • Removing makeup
    • Doing gentle exfoliation
    • Washing small areas
      of your body


    20 x 30 inches

    • Placed in front of
      tub or shower
    • Keeps the bathroom
      floor dry
    • Prevents slips
      and falls

    Finding Quality And Comfort In Towel Construction

    Choosing the best bath towels to buy involves more than just picking the most expensive or softest option. You should also consider how it’s made since it affects the quality and texture. To help you find high-quality towels, keep these construction methods in mind:

    Combed Cotton

    Combed cotton has carefully brushed cotton fibres without short fibres and impurities. It undergoes a process that reduces pilling and creates a smoother and more durable fabric.

    Weavve's bath products
    Featuring Weavve’s Bath Products

    Ring-Spun Cotton

    Ring-spun cotton is made with twisted cotton fibres spun with a spinning wheel. It produces fine, smooth, tightly twisted yarns, creating long-lasting, absorbent bath essentials.

    Waffle Weave

    A waffle weave towel uses a weaving technique that creates a honeycomb pattern that looks like small waffle squares. Because of its design or texture, it lets air circulate through the fabric, making it lightweight, quick-drying, and absorbent.

    waffle weave towel with sponge and brush
    Image By Cup of Couple From Pexels

    Zero-Twist Fibres

    Zero-twist fibres create good quality towels that are super soft, highly absorbent, and quick-drying. They’re woven without twisting during manufacturing, so they’re lighter and plusher.

    close up of pink towel
    Image By Engin Akyurt From Pexels


    Terrycloth is a towel construction made with bigger thread loops of fabric. These loops are designed to make the towel more absorbent, more durable, and plusher, offering a cosier vibe.

    white and maroon folded  towels
    Image By Dom J From Pexels


    The twist means the tightness or density of the yarn in a towel. The higher the twist, the tighter the fibres are spun. Higher twist ones are more durable and more resistant to pilling.

    Exploring The Different Towel Designs

    Towels are usually used for drying, but they can also elevate the overall look of your bathroom or kitchen. Here are some designs that can add some style and personality to your space:

    white towel with design
    Image By Thomas Cotton From Pexels


    Printed ones feature colourful designs and patterns. They’re perfect for those who want a pop of colour in their bathroom or kitchen.


    This towel design has patterns woven directly into the fabric. It creates a textured pattern that adds a luxurious touch.

    white towel and wooden brush hanging in the bathroom
    Image By Castorly Stock From Pexels


    Embellished towels have decorative elements, like embroidery or lace trim. Props to their elegant or vintage-inspired look, they’re ideal decorative accents.


    Dobby ones have a border with a textured pattern or design woven with a dobby loom. The pattern may be small, but it still gives the fabric a unique subtle texture and visual interest.

    cream and green bamboo towels
    Featuring Weavve’s Towel Design

    Other Features To Look For When Buying Towels

    Whether you want to buy bath towels online or at a physical store, there are a few other features to consider beyond materials, sizes, and designs. These include:

    Loop Density

    Loop density refers to how many loops are in each square inch of the towel. The higher the loop density, the plusher and more absorbent it is. As a pro tip, look for one with a dense loop construction.

    Thickness & Absorbency

    When choosing, don’t simply go for the thickest or most absorbent option. Thicker ones are usually more absorbent, but they may not be right for everyone. For instance, if you need a quick-drying fabric, you might opt for a lightweight or medium-weight one.

    stack of towels in minimalist bathroom
    Image By Skylar Kang From Pexels


    Edges may not seem like a big deal, but they actually play a big role in the quality and durability. That said, opt for ones with double-turned edges, where the fabric is folded over and stitched twice. They’re less likely to fray and can withstand frequent use and washing without falling apart.

    Sewn-In Loop

    Sewn-in loops are designed with your convenience in mind. They are a practical feature that makes it easy for you to hang them up to dry properly.

    towel with sewn in loop
    Featuring Weavve’s Bamboo Towel With A Loop

    Fibre Content

    Different fibres have different qualities. For example, 100% cotton is soft and absorbent, while cotton-polyester blends offer a balance of softness and durability. That said, consider what characteristics you want most so you can choose the fibre content that suits you best.

    Environmental Impact

    Some are made with harmful chemicals, which can be detrimental to the environment. If you’re eco-conscious, look for products made from sustainable or organic materials such as bamboo.

    You can also opt for ones with Oeko-Tex Made In Green certification. This means they’re ethically produced in environmentally friendly facilities.

    Weavve’s Oeko Tex Certified Tag
    Featuring Weavve’s Oeko-Tex® Certified Tag


    To make sure the bath products you choose are safe, check the labels for certifications like the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. This certification guarantees the fabrics have been tested and meets safety standards, giving you peace of mind knowing they’re free from harmful chemicals.

    How To Choose Bath Towels: 4 Must-Know Tips

    There’s something ultimately relaxing about snuggling into a cosy bath towel after a long soak in a tub or a refreshing shower. To help you find the right one, consider following these useful tips:

    Think About The Material, Weight, & Size

    Buy towels that suit your needs and preferences by focusing on material, weight, and size. The material should be in your preferred texture, the weight should feel comfortable, and the size should be big enough to dry you off well.

    pink towelImage By Engin Akyurt From Pexels

    Choose Quality

    Your bath essentials should be built to last. Besides prioritising high-quality materials, go for a fabric with solid construction and sturdy stitching to ensure it can withstand frequent use and washing.

    Check The Price

    Make sure to set a budget. Since good quality options often come with a hefty price tag, consider your priorities. Ultimately, try finding the balance between quality and affordability.

    Consider The Care Instructions

    wooden hanger with towels and basket with bathroom products
    Image By Karolina Grabowska From Pexels

    Not all fabrics require the same level of care. For instance, some may call for specific washing or drying methods. Before buying, check the care instructions and make sure you’re willing to follow them.

    Washing Towels: How To Care For Your After-Shower Wrap

    Taking proper care of your bath essentials can help you keep them in tip-top condition for a long time. Follow these simple care tips to maintain their quality:

    • Follow the care instructions diligently.
    • Wash towels every three days. Be sure to wash them separately from your clothes for sanitary reasons. Refrain mixing up light-coloured and dark-coloured ones as well to  prevent colour bleeding.
    • Be sure to wash new ones before using them.
    Mundo laundry sheets
    Featuring Mundo Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets

    • Use a mild detergent.
    • Wash in warm water. Check care labels for the recommended temperatures.
    • It is generally advised to air dry towels. But when using a dryer, select the regular or automatic setting for durable fabrics.
    • Give them a good shake before and after drying.
    • Store them in a well-ventilated area to prevent odours and mildew.

    Where To Buy Bath Towels In Singapore

    girl smiling while holding silver infused towel
    Featuring Weavve’s Silver Infused Cotton Bath Towel

    Choosing the best towels for you can make all the difference in your bathing experience. Now that you have this towel buying guide, it’s time to find the perfect ones for your needs and preferences!

    If you’re wondering where to buy bath towels in Singapore, look no further. Explore our collection and discover high-quality bath must-haves that can make your shower experience extraordinary!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Makes a Towel Antibacterial?

    Antibacterial towels are made with materials with antimicrobial properties. They could also be treated with antimicrobial agents to keep them cleaner, fresher-smelling, and more hygienic.

    Do Antimicrobial Towels Smell?

    They are designed to prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria. However, proper washing, drying, and storing are still essential to keep them fresh-smelling.

    What Towels Don’t Collect Bacteria?

    Some materials have antimicrobial properties that stop bacteria from growing. For instance, our silver-infused bath towels are treated with Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology to eliminate odour-causing mould and fungi.

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