Cocoon Sleep Bag - Wise Sage (Medium 6-18m)
Cocoon Sleep Bag - Wise Sage (Medium 6-18m)
Cocoon Sleep Bag - Wise Sage (Medium 6-18m)
Cocoon Sleep Bag - Wise Sage (Medium 6-18m)
Cocoon Sleep Bag - Wise Sage (Medium 6-18m)
Cocoon Sleep Bag - Wise Sage (Medium 6-18m)

Cocoon Sleep Bag - Wise Sage (Medium 6-18m)

Our cocoon sleep bag wraps your little one in a snug cocoon without the risk of loose fabrics for a secure, cosy feeling, assuring safe and more peaceful sleep throughout the night.

Featuring two-way zips for easy nappy changes and undisrupted sleep, and a generous length designed to grow with your baby.

  • Safe and peaceful sleep
  • Two-way zips
  • Generous length
  • OEKO-TEX® certified
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Made of the softest bamboo jersey, a swaddle alternative for safer and more comfortable sleep


220gsm, 95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex
Nickel Free Studs

Rest easy knowing baby has the best bamboo jersey material that is of the gentlest, hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial quality.

Each Sleep Bag comes in a matching drawstring bag that can be reused as a handy pouch to hold spare clothes, diapers and more.

Features of a Small Cocoon Sleep Bag 

  • Slightly stretchy Jersey fabric allows for a full range of motion without loose layers to kick off or get caught in during sleep.
  • Flat collar design gives extra comfort, and a zipper guard at the neckline to protect your little one’s delicate skin.
  • Two-way zips so baby will not be fully exposed with a temperature difference during night changes, so they sleep undisrupted.
  • Generous length of our sleep bag ensures baby will not outgrow it too quickly
  • Nickel-free studs lining armholes allows growth and transition from arms in (0-3m), to arms out (3-6m).
  • J-shaped zipper placement is comfortable for sleeping babies.

Safety Reminder
For the safety of your little one, please make sure that our Cocoon Sleep Bag size is the correct size for your child. The above age ranges are solely to be used as a guideline, please do check against the dimensions and ensure that the neck fits snuggly and the bag cannot easily slip over the baby's face while the bag is zipped up.


  • Machine wash cold/lukewarm
  • Dry flat in shade
  • Do not Tumble Dry
  • Do not Dry Clean
  • Do not Bleach

Bamboo fabric is an extremely absorbent material and gets really heavy when wet. When drying the apparel/bedding, lay flat across a rack to prevent stretching. Refrain from using a dryer to tumble dry as this may cause the apparel/bedding to lose its shape.

To further prevent stretching and reduce pilling, you may wish to flip your bamboo apparel/bedding inside out and put them in a laundry net when washing.

Drying flat and in the shade will help avoid that 'crisp' texture, if not it should also considerably soften upon wearing. We do not recommend using laundry softeners as the waxy coating present in softeners it will interfere with the bamboo apparel/bedding's moisture-wicking and and absorption properties.


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  • Rest of the world: Calculated during checkout

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sleep Bag?

The Cocoon Sleep Bag is designed for safe sleeping while providing utmost comfort for your baby.

Loose swaddles and blankets can lead to blanket tangling or overheating, posing a sleep risk. Just like a cocoon, Ted & Luna's sleep bag envelopes your baby in a secure, comforting way, and gives your little ones a snug feeling to help them sleep easy on their own, safely, throughout the night.

Baby-soft, gentle, hypoallergenic bamboo jersey was chosen as the fabric is ultra breathable and temperature regulating. Once cocooned, this assures that your baby stays cool in the heat, or warm in the cold to keep them incredibly comfortable as they sleep through the night.

What temperature is the Cocoon Sleep Bag suitable for?

Ted & Luna's Cocoon Sleep Bags have a 0.5 TOG rating and is suitable for wear with a sleep suit for room temperatures between 21-23°C, or a with onesie for room temperatures between 24-27°C. TOG stands for Thermal Overall Guide and the rating determines the thickness of the garment and how comfortably warm it keeps your little one.

When should my baby stop using Sleep Bags or Sleep Sacks?

Once your baby shows signs of rolling over, they should not have their arms fully restrained in a swaddle. Sleep bags are safe to use past 18 months of age as long as your baby has the mobility use their arms to push up and/or reposition their head because their arms are not fully restrained.

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Cocoon Sleep Bag - Wise Sage (Medium 6-18m)