Your Must-Have For Deeper Sleep & Energised Mornings

Optimise your rest with blankets that feel like cosy hugs.

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Curated For The Deepest Sleep

Best Said By Our Lovely Customers

"Love the weighted blanket!"

"Omg the weighted blanket is amazing - it feels like a bear hugging you. It's not heavy at all and it gives you the feeling of security and assurance. Helps me to sleep better and is great for when I feel anxiety."

- Cheryl T.

"It works!"

" Once you get over the strange sensation of the blanket, you quickly become surrounded by a hug! I have had sleep issues for years, I slept soundly from the first night! "

- Jayne C.

"Loved mine so much I got another for a friend"

"My friend loved her weighted blanket too! She said 'It's like when we were babies and our moms would pat us to sleep'. If that's not a good reference, idk what is. "

- Maria K.

The Game Changer In Sleep Solutions

Perfect sleep companion EVERYONE can benefit from!

Calming, A Mood Booster & Great For Anxiety

You might notice an improvement in your mood as your serotonin ( the happy hormone ) levels rise. With an assuring hug of our weighted blankets, you'll feel more at ease and secure while you drift off into deep sleep.

Fall Asleep Easily, Even With Insomnia

Weighted blankets have found to be the more natural and sustainable alternative to sleeping pills. With your increased sense of calm, you'll find yourself drifting off to quality sleep in no time.

Reduces Tossing & Turning

Our weighted blankets will keep you snug in a reassuring 'cocoon' to reduce restless movement. They're also great for those who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome.

The Makings Of Our Cosy Companion

  • 100% Cotton Outer Shell

    Ultra soft & cosy yet breathable, ideal for humid climates

  • Baffle Box Design

    Designed for even weight distribution through the night

  • Micro Glass Bead & Polyester Filling

    Hypoallergenic, sustainable and toxin free

  • Corner Loop Ties

    Secures your blanket in place within your duvet cover

  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified

    Free of harmful chemicals and toxins so you can rest safe and soundly

Pair your blankets with our Best-Selling Signature TENCEL™ Sheets

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