Turning a House into a Home: A Chat with Naazli from WTP Furniture

WTP Furniture furniture in Electric Home Style, featuring an arm chair, storage shelve and more

Up next in our series, we spoke to Naazli, business development manager at WTP furniture. As one of Singapore’s leading lifestyle stores, Naazli together with her mother, continues to shape the future of WTP with the pride of its past. WTP Furniture is known for being an all-in-one shop for both retail and furniture. Not only do they provide quality and thoughtful craftsmanship, but their products also tell the story of a rich South-East Asian Heritage.


WTP Furniture Showroom

Featuring WTP Furniture Showroom


Hi Naazli, we’re glad to have you on board as a partner! Please tell us more about yourself and WTP Furniture.


We started off as an antique furniture store that has over the years evolved into a one stop shop for home furniture and decoration. So you can pretty much come in with an empty room and leave with it fully kitted out with interesting curtains, nice furniture, artwork, rugs, lights etc… Saving you the hassle of running around because you can do everything in one place. 


We have a team of our own craftsmen that have been with WTP, some for more than 20 years, that have the skill, dedication and love for what they do so they can even create the custom pieces for each project. I myself have been helping clients for more than a decade and I have to say I still love my job because every day is different.


Featuring WTP Furniture's Amy 3 Seater Sofa


How / Why was WTP Furniture founded?


It was founded in 1992 as an antique furniture exhibition space to show both locals and Singaporeans, Singapore’s heritage through the furniture and artefacts. It then naturally evolved into people wanting to buy some of this heritage, and the rest is history.


Featuring WTP Furniture's Claudia Coffee Table

Featuring WTP Furniture's Claudia Coffee Table


What got you interested in a partnership between your brand and Weavve?


We provide a complete service to our clients and this was just another way we could expand this offer for our clients. Previously, we would have directed them to another brand or shopping locale for their sheets. But this way, with Weavve items right in the store, they can feel the fabric without having to go elsewhere and we could also assist them with choosing the right coloured sheets based on the bed colour they have designed with us.


Featuring Weavve's display at WTP Furniture

Featuring Weavve's Lyocell Classic Set in Sky Blue

Weavve's Lyocell Sheet in Sky Blue Details

Featuring Weavve’s Lyocell Classic Set in Sky Blue at WTP Furniture’s Showroom


What makes WTP Furniture unique?


We don’t mass produce our products. Each item is lovingly crafted in small batch production. We use recycled woods and legally logged woods to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. 


We also offer refurbishment services for furniture clients currently have - such as overhauling the fabric of a sofa in good condition. Moreover, we provide free in-house interior design services to help them with choosing the right pieces that best suit their needs, colour palette and imagination.


WTP Furniture Showroom display with ornaments and shelf


Please share an interesting anecdote from when you first started in WTP Furniture. 


One of the most interesting stories was when a client wanted a dining table top made in solid trembesi wood for his office in the city. It was for the conference room so it was a long, solid piece top that weighed more than 200KG. 


The table could definitely fit his conference room, but it would not fit into the lift and his office was on the 55th floor! So in a mission impossible type sequence, our delivery crew showed up after office hours and had to wear harnesses that secured them to the lift cables. They had to fit the table top into the lift shaft so that it could sit on top of the lift car and 2 hours later, the dining table top was finally in the conference room.


Featuring WTP Furniture Showroom with a lamp and cabinet


What’s something about WTP Furniture or your journey in WTP Furniture that would surprise people?


I started my working life in the private banking industry, selling products that people didn’t really want. However, when my mother fell ill, I stepped into WTP Furniture. Thinking that I would only spend a year doing this, here I am, 10 years later (reaching 11 this October).


I love my job because I’m helping people create spaces they want and they too, are eager to spend time with the pieces they have bought from us.


Featuring WTP Furniture's showroom with a green suade sofa with 2 throw pillows on top of it


What are some of your bestsellers / personal favourites from your current collections?


Armchairs are the most popular pieces that we sell because we have a wide range of colours, shapes and textures in our armchair collection. My personal favourite changes with the season, but my current favourite would be the pair of peacock blue swivel chairs.


Featuring WTP Furniture's Beach Armchair

Featuring WTP Furniture’s Beach Armchair


What's next for WTP Furniture?


To continue growing our range. Such that not only can we meet and exceed the expectations of people who visit the showroom, but also those who shop with us through virtual consultations. We aim to expand our online capabilities to show greater details of each piece like its craft and craftsmanship so that people can form a deeper emotional connection to the pieces we lovingly create.


Featuring WTP Furniture's Dan Table Lamp

Featuring WTP Furniture's Dan Table Lamp


Please summarise your brand in three words.


Quality, Authentic, Heritage


Featuring WTP Furniture's showroom with engraved wooden stools and a carpet


Thank you for joining Naazli! Do head over to check them out!

WTP Furniture 

3 Kung Chong Road Singapore 159141

(Nearest MRT: Redhill)

Click here to view on Google Maps




Tel: 6235 2760


Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10.00am – 7.00pm

Sundays and PHs: Closed


Weavve Products On Display (Full Range)

✓ Bedsheets   ✓ Weighted Blankets  ✓ Towels

* Cash and Carry not available in-store at the moment

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