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[Part 1] Celebrating Women in Leadership: A Chat With Adelia

Women have and will always play an integral role in our societies. Around the world, we see many instances of gender inequality in how women are treated in their communities, workplaces and homes. That is why we want to stand with women to help forge a gender-equal world for all of us.

We feel strongly about supporting the women in our lives and showing our appreciation with our campaign theme, Confidence. Through this campaign, we hope to advocate for women in leadership and celebrate their achievements.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2021, we #ChooseToChallenge gender inequality and commemorate women’s achievements, by coming together as a collective voice with 3 other Southeast Asian brands: Forest Jewelry, Haikini, and Enya.

Over the next few weeks, we will be talking with the founders of these brands to learn about the women leaders in their lives, how these leaders have impacted them, and how they hope to inspire even more women to become leaders.

So let’s get into it!



Adelia with her chin resting on her hands wearing her ring

Our first woman leader is a familiar face, Adelia, who is the founder of both 3 Trees @ Hills Pte Ltd and Forest Jewelry.

We previously featured her in our Embracing the New Normal series and we are excited to have her back in our discussion about Women in Leadership.

Learn more about Forest Jewelry’s story and express your personality with their lovely, timeless keepsakes!

Aurora, an elegant earrings and necklace set from Forest's Jewelry's Ethereal Collection

Featuring Aurora, an elegant pair from her Ethereal Collection


Glad to have you back, Adelia! For those who haven’t seen our previous series, could you tell us a little about you and your brand?

My name is Adelia and I am the founder of 3 Trees @ Hills Pte Ltd. My company distributes quality gift items and exclusive baked goods to major travel retail clients and to tourist attraction operators in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. I am also the founder of my jewelry brand, Forest Jewelry, which has presence in Takashimaya Department Store, Changi Airport & the Singapore Zoo. It is also available online at www.forest-jewels.com

At the moment we are now in the midst of launching a new line of cookies with a focus on lactation cookies for breastfeeding mommies and yogurt cookies for the whole family! These will be available on our website at www.burpps.com sometime in March this year!

Yoghurt Cookies from Burpps with berries on the side

Featuring Berry Bellies Yoghurt Cookies, launching soon on Burpps


This year’s IWD theme is Women in Leadership. How does this theme relate to you and your brand?

We believe that every woman is a leader in her own sphere of influence. Every woman has an influential impact on those around her whether in the workplace, at home or in her social circle. It is my belief that women should have this empowerment that they can make a positive impact on society and to those around them. As leaders and roles models in our respective roles, it is therefore critical for women to have self-esteem, confidence and happiness.

As a woman leader myself, I am fully aware of this importance and aim to communicate that through my brands whether is it allowing women to express their individuality and beauty through our jewelry pieces or to provide a need during a mom’s breastfeeding journey with our lactation cookies so that she can better enjoy the rewarding experience of motherhood.

Crystallised Ginger Lactation Cookies from Burpps
Featuring Crystallised Ginger Lactation Cookies, launching soon on Burpps


Our campaign theme is Confidence. In what ways can you relate your brand, products and customers to the theme?

Self-confidence is having trust in yourself, your uniqueness, your gifts and talents. In today’s society, many women are juggling different roles at the same time; a mom, a wife, a daughter, a career woman. It is common for women to feel overwhelmed and question their own abilities and identity. It is during this period that the message of hope and affirmation holds much significance.

In my brands, I hope to spread the message of this love and affirmation. My brand Forest Jewelry draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and it is the uniqueness of nature that underpins the core value of our brand- a belief that jewelry is a way for women to not only enhance their beauty but also to express who they are as a person.

A model wearing a necklace from Forest Jewelry


What would you like to advocate for this year’s IWD 2021 theme?

The reminder to all women of their uniqueness and to never undermine their own individuality, gifts and talents.


Do you have any personal experiences to share with regard to being a woman leader?

Like for most people, my entrepreneurship journey has its ups and downs. In addition to many other disappointments and failures, the current challenge is Covid-19 which has a devastating impact on my sales revenue as tourists spending formed a large part of it.

It is during these difficult periods that I find much solace, support and wisdom from well-meaning friends and family members. With their encouragement and support, I am better able to push past my fears and preset mindsets to explore new possibilities with courage and open-mindedness and face the future with hope and anticipation.

Now, I have taken steps to pivot my business, by taking my jewelry brand online to taking on the new distributorship rights of the lactation cookies to expanding my team!

Adelia wearing her necklace from Forest Jewelry standing against a strikingly colourful abstract backdrop
Featuring Adelia in a piece from her Garden Collection


What advice can you give to women out there that are aspiring to be leaders in their fields?

To those who are about to start or just started their entrepreneur journey, the journey will indeed get tough with so many unknowns and challenges.  It is however important to surround yourself with people who can lift you up and speak wisdom and truth into your life. Be humble and be teachable and when you fall pick yourself up again.

Do not be tempted to compare with others and their successes. With that I leave you with a quote by Joel Osteen, Don’t compare your situation to someone’s else. You are not running their race, you are running your own race.


What do you hope to achieve through the IWD 2021 campaign with Weavve?

I hope to create better awareness of IWD because being a woman is precious and something worth celebrating!


Thank you so much for joining us and stay tuned for our next chat with Beckie, the founder of Haikini!


Weavve Home will be collaborating with the E-Magna community comprising of NUS alumni keen on innovation and entrepreneurship on projects that support the development of women in the textile industry, and that contribute to sustainable goals where technology can be applied to create value for others.

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