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Tencel™ Collection

Sleep cool with Tencel™ all night.
Coolest material you can sleep on. 

400 thread count

100% Lenzing Tencel™ 

400 thread count, 100% Lenzing Tencel™ 

What our customers are saying

"The sheets were indeed very cooling, and remained soft even after washing."
-Ella Y.

"If you want the softest most cooling sheets around, this is where to find it!!"
-Kian L.

"Even retains the cooling effect after you off the air-conditioning in the room. Tough to get out of bed!"
-Steve K.

Tencel™ Deluxe SetTencel™ Deluxe Set
Tencel™ Duvet Cover SetTencel™ Duvet Cover Set
Tencel™ Duvet CoverTencel™ Duvet Cover
Tencel™ Pillow Case PairTencel™ Pillow Case Pair
Tencel™ Classic SetTencel™ Classic Set
Tencel™ Fitted Sheet SetTencel™ Fitted Sheet Set
Tencel™ Fitted SheetTencel™ Fitted Sheet
Tencel™ Bolster CaseTencel™ Bolster Case

What our customers are saying

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